How I Use Pinterest To Grow My Blog

When you are a content creator you can easily pick out the people that recognize how much work goes into creating a blog post and appreciates and the ones that think we whip them up in an hour. I have had people ask me how long does it take me to create a blog post because they think that since I am more experienced I can do it faster. I can do some things faster since I don’t spend hours trying to figure out how to do amateur stuff like I did in the beginning but the process to create a blog post is no faster than it was in the beginning. Creating a blog post does not end at writing the post and there is editing the post you just wrote and creating images for your social media.  Different social platforms have different requirements so you can’t just create one image and call it done and you almost have to create several images for all your social media which can be time-consuming so many people don’t bother with it. Pinterest has never really given that much engagement until a few days ago and I started to redo all my pins and everything changed increasing my monthly views from 20k to 50k in just two days which generated a lot of traffic for my blog. Pinterest can bring it a lot of traffic but you have to have a strategy or it could bring it virtually none and you could feel like it’s not worth your time. If you are struggling to get traffic from Pinterest here are a few things to consider when trying to grow your following.

The size of your image matter  Pinterest is visual and it’s important that when creating an image that it’s the right size or it will not receive as much engagement. I see so many content creators do this wrong because it’s time-consuming or they don’t think anything of it and then wonder why there Pinterest isn’t growing.  The size of your image matters and all images should be vertical, not horizontal, and no more than 1000 by 1500 pixels which you can create on Canva so there is no need to guess if your pin is the right size. I used to not care if my image was the right size but then I realized I was missing out on so much traffic by doing it wrong because visible images are so important for getting clicks. At first, I thought it was just me and people weren’t interested in my content but after I made some adjustments by making my image the right size and font bigger I realized people just don’t click on stuff that is difficult to read.

Create pins consistently–  Any amateur should know that in order to grow your Pinterest you actually have to pin on a pretty consistent basis! A lot of people wonder why there Pinterest isn’t growing and it’s probably because you’re doing nothing with your Pinterest and not pinning! You can’t pin once couple a days and expect that you are going to get some serious growth because it’s going to happen. I try and pin either one of my pins once a day or someone else’s and I can’t tell you how much growth that has gotten me. Random side note: if you are a disabled or chronic illness blogger and struggling to find places to get your content seen or don’t know where to start I want to help you with that because we all want similar things which are to feel appreciated.  For all disabled and chronic illness bloggers struggling, I have an inspiring bloggers board that you can pin your content to as long as it’s disability-focused, and for every pin of yours that you drop you also pin one of someone else’s to one of your own boards to help increase engagement. When you are a disabled blogger sometimes it can be difficult to grow a blog especially if you are doing it solely but with the help of others, you will be unstoppable!

Add a description- When you add a pin you have the choice to add a brief description as to what your pin is about. It is always a good idea to not leave this spot blank because people will be more inclined to click on a link if they know what it’s all about than if they have no idea what your post is about or if it would even interest them. People don’t like surprises and want to know if what you are writing interest them and will not click on your links if they are not sure. Brief descriptions can help bring clarification as to what your post about which at some point will generate into traffic. It may not be immediate but if you are consistent with it will pay off eventually!

 Join group boards- Many of you may be familiar with some private Facebook groups designed to let you share blog posts to increase engagement. Pinterest has something like that too and it’s called group boards. Many of them are private you have to request to join them but once you’re in it can really help increase engagement once you start sharing your pin. I am in a couple of group boards which has really helped me grow my blog and all you want to make sure you do is follow the rules and don’t just drop your links without reciprocating because that’s how you get kicked out of group boards. We are all here to support each other and you should never join something just to drop your links! That will only annoy people and even if it is allowed you will not get near as many shares than if you were supportive of others.

Get a Pinterest business account- Many content creators swear by the Pinterest business account because it’s free and allows you to see your analytics so you know how many people are clicking on your pins and saving. You don’t have to technically be a business to have a Pinterest business account and I personally think that since I switched I have more engagement than I did when I had a personal one. These analytics along with your blog stats can be helpful in figuring out what worked and what didn’t when people aren’t telling what they want for future posts. Other social media platforms like Instagram have business accounts just like it that I also use and it has been extremely helpful in growing my blog.

Pinterest can bring you tons of traffic if you do it right and if you don’t have one you could be missing out on a lot of traffic. Some people don’t like to use social media to grow there blog which is okay but it can seriously help you grow if you have a strategy. I usually hate posts that brag how they got a large number of views or are making boatloads of money in a short period of time unless I know it’s true. I know it’s hard and it’s not getting easier because social media is always changing and strategy that worked a year ago might not work anymore. It takes several hours to write a blog post and many people don’t appreciate that we don’t only spend hours writing but after we write we have to edit our blogs and find photos which takes another couple of hours. It would be nice if we could just pull stuff off google but unfortunately, we can’t because there are rules and we could be stealing someone’ else work which is why so many bloggers don’t take the time to create images.  Pinterest never really brought me any traffic but now it brings me the most traffic and if you are struggling to learn Pinterest but want to another thing you can do is take a Pinterest course because there are so many great ones.  I still have lost of work to do but if you check out my Pinterest and see my most recent pins it may give you an idea of what changes you may need to make. What social media platform brings you the most traffic?

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