Body Confidence With A Disabilty

When you are disabled it can be such a struggle to gain self-confidence in your own body especially during the summertime and you can’t work out at all or are very limited at what you can do. Many disabled people can’t work out to the extent an abled person so getting abs will never happen for them because you can’t do the types of workout you would need to do to get abs even though you should be working out to get healthier not strictly for vanity. In my opinion, far too many people work out for the wrong reasons by doing it to look a certain way and then rub it in everyone’s face once they reach these gains.  Disabled people are happy when you reach your fitness goals but it is really hard when we have abled friends that are constantly bragging about their about gains because some goals you wish you could work towards as a disabled person but you can’t because some muscles don’t the way they should and it’s not an option for you so seeing someone else brag about something you wish you could do can make anyone sad.  Body confidence is more difficult when you are disabled because sometimes you can move very much to lose a few pounds so if you are struggling to gain confidence in your body here are some things you need to do to be confident as a disabled person.

Stop obsessing about your appearance-  I see so many not only disabled people but also abled ones as well look in the mirror pinch the fat they have on their body and say a bunch of negative things about themselves. You need to stop doing this right now because you will never become confident with you who you are if don’t stop picking at what you don’t have and start embracing what you do.  There is no such thing as the “perfect body” and everyone is so obsessed with getting rid of all the fat of their body but here is the thing your body needs fat to give you energy and will protect vital organs so depriving yourself of necessary fats can be quite harmful.  Instead of trying to get rid of all the fat on your body, work on improving yourself by either changing your diet or doing a few workouts because you need to some to stay healthy and it does nothing for you to criticize your but you have to make a positive change to see results.

Stop comparing yourself to abled people- As a disabled person I know it is so easy to look at what my sisters are doing and compare my life to them. They can do so much more than I can and that is why it is so important as a disabled person that we do not do that. You will become depressed if you look at how much money an abled person makes and compare it to how much you make or look at abled person workout and compare your capabilities to theirs. You are your own person and it doesn’t matter if someone can do more than you or makes more money it doesn’t do you any good to compare yourself to other people. A disabled and abled person are different people with different goals and it’s unfair for you to judge disabled and abled people because their goals and capabilities will be completely different and not even comparable! Make your own goals and crush them because it won’t do you any good to try and make goals based on what someone else is doing if you can’t follow through!

Find a disabled role model– When you are surrounded by abled people and can do significantly less than them it is so easy to judge your life based on what someone else is doing but it can get so discouraging when you can’t do half of those things. Find a disabled role model you can look up to that is crushing the goals that you hope to one day reach. You will feel more confident following people that are more aligned with your goals than following a bunch of people who have reached goals that you wish you could achieve but are actually impossible!

Wear clothes you feel confident in-  As a disabled person who lives with two stoma’s there are some types of clothing like crop tops I am not comfortable wearing out in public because I am afraid of them because exposed. To gain my confidence in my body I don’t wear certain types of clothing because it gives me anxiety and makes me uncomfortable and that is okay you shouldn’t feel like you have to wear something just because it’s the style that’s in. If a style making you uncomfortable then get rid of it because you will never gain body confidence if you are constantly worried that something will be exposed that you don’t want to be.

Avoid talking negatively about yourself- When you talk negatively about yourself it will affect your self-esteem and self-confidence about yourself and at some point the things you start saying about yourself you will start to believe! If you call yourself a failure every day eventually you will start to think you are a failure so instead of saying something negative about yourself incorporate positive self-talk so you can feel boost your self-esteem and feel more confident.

Unfollow fitness experts that post workouts you can’t do-  The fitness channels I follow have helped me gain strength and learn a thing or two about nutrition so I have been able to lose a few pounds while staying in shape all by just doing Youtube videos!  I don’t just follow any fitness channel I can find because some fitness experts run Youtube channels and post workouts that I cannot do so it’s kind of pointless for me to follow someone who has workouts that are impossible for me to do.  If you are able to work out it can really help to follow experts because it can teach you new exercises that you wouldn’t have come up with on your own and how to correct your form but you want to be picky about who you follow and not just follow anyone. Unfollow people that post workouts you cannot do and find people you can because it will only make you depressed getting notification of fitness experts posting workouts you wish you could do.

Remember beauty is not defined by your weight- Beauty is not defined by the number on the scale but is within you and this something people often forget. Everyone is focused on weight loss that people often use that as a standard for beauty but that is not what makes a person beautiful at all. If you are a positive shining light for someone then you are beautiful and it doesn’t matter what your weight is!

When you are disabled it can be difficult to gain confidence in your body which is why it is so important that you don’t compare yourself to others. With social media, it is so easy to get on Facebook and see the life of another abled person and secretly want to live their life. Let’s remember that you can’t judge how great someone’s life just by their social media posts because most people will only tell you what’s good about their life and not what they struggle with. Both abled and disabled people face body confidence issues and although many abled people have the option to workout and get in the best shape of their lives many of them don’t and struggle with body confidence. Wishing you were someone your not will not make you happier or change your situation but more depressed because you are not unhappy from not having abs and getting them will not make you happy! If your disability went away your life would probably be significantly easier but if you are unhappy now then what makes you think that whatever it was that was making you unhappy would just go away? Figure out what is causing your unhappiness and make changes because I can almost guarantee you that your unhappiness could have something to do with body image but isn’t the real reason your unhappy and until you figure what it really is that makes you depressed you will always feel like something is missing.  You can be gain confidence in your body as a disabled person but it’s so critical you don’t obsess over the number on the scale because that is not how we should measure beauty and it comes in many shapes and sizes.  If you are disabled how have you gained body confidence?

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