During the pandemic, one of the things that are causing a lot of outrage amongst a lot of disabled people is when people aren’t thinking and are very careless causing someone with a weakened immune system to become very ill and fighting for their life. Sometimes we may feel like some of the things that the government is asking us to do is to protect ourselves is either not necessary or a little bit of overkill so we decide to ignore it and not to listen to this advice. Maybe some of the things we are doing are a little bit of an overkill and we are too worried but maybe it’s not and we aren’t taking things seriously enough. Personally, I don’t think we should all be sitting in our homes worrying that we could catch something but we should be cautious because it’s better to be overly overcautious than not care at all and put others at risk. A lot of people with weakened immune systems are afraid to leave their homes because of the carelessness of others and the uncertainty of this virus. To help put the ease of mind of people with weakened immunes systems so they feel safe to leave their homes here are some things you can do to help everyone stay well.

Wear your mask– Everyone has there own opinion on if they think masks are necessary to wear and I am not here to argue about whether or not you think we should wear them.  You don’t have to agree that wearing a mask is the right thing to do to control coronavirus but even if you don’t agree you’re not helping anyone by not taking necessary precautions. I don’t know anyone who would say I love to wear a mask but surgeons can wear one for ten-hour surgeries and if you really wanted to I don’t think it would kill you to wear one for an hour or two for a short outing.  There are a few exceptions that wearing a mask might be difficult and you shouldn’t wear one but for most people wearing masks is not an issue and they just don’t wear them not because they can’t but they don’t like it so they chose not to. I hate wearing masks because walking with crutches takes more energy and I get out of breath more quickly and sometimes it can become more difficult to breathe than it normally would but I still wear them because it protects those around me and it’s not bad enough that I would need to stop wearing them.

Wash your hands- This seems so self-explanatory and you would think that with this virus going around everyone would be washing their hands like a madwoman but no one really is washing their hands any more than they normally would and for many that may be washing them hardly at all. Whenever you go to the bathroom or even sneeze in your hands you need to be washing them thoroughly so when you touch something or someone you aren’t giving them your germs because you can get someone really sick by shaking someone hands after you go to the bathroom and not washing your hands. It’s not just gross to not wash your hands but can get many people very ill by not washing your hands. Hand sanitizer can work great if you are out and don’t have access to soap but it doesn’t kill as many germs so if you can use soap to kill more germs!

Wipe down things you buy– After I go to the store or come home from any kind of outing I always wash my hands and if I bought anything I wipe down everything I bought because you never know who touched it before you and what kinds of germs are on it. You never know what kinds of germs you pick up when your out and even if I just go to my occupational therapy which does all kinds of cleaning I always make sure to wash my hands when I come home because you can still pick something up from a place that doesn’t all kinds of cleaning.

Clean your gym equipment- Most of us are working out at home but whether you are working out at home or are able to work out in a gym you need to be cleaning that equipment after you use it and if you are at the gym I’d wipe it before I use it as well.  I have never been able to workout at in a gym so gyms being closed don’t really affect me at all because I have my own little mini gym in my room. I have really sensitive skin and many products cause me to break out so I created my own cleaner using essential oils by combining tea oil because it is believed to be an antibacterial, a little bit of vinegar, and lavender for a calming effect that will disinfect my mat while also not causing me to break out in hives. If you workout no matter if you workout in a gym or at home you need to be cleaning your equipment from time to time even if your the only one that uses them because it will collect germs regardless of where you are doing your workout.

Don’t hang around people when your sick-  When you don’t have a chronic condition there are so many things people don’t think about and one of them happens to be hanging around others when you’re ill. A simple head cold may not seem like a big deal for most people but for some with chronic conditions, it can be extremely hard to fight and become serious very quickly. Even if you don’t have the coronavirus stay home when you’re sick because people with chronics condition appreciate when you think about someone other than yourself.  If it’s not possible to stay home let people know you’re sick and do your best to distance yourself from others you know have weaker immune systems.

Offer help- People don’t need you to remind them of how much they are overreacting because it is always better to be over-prepared than not prepared at all and would if you’re not taking things seriously enough. If you know someone who hasn’t left their home because they are afraid they could become ill then why not offer to help them run errands so they don’t have to leave. There is nothing more terrifying with a chronic condition when there is a virus going around and you have no choice but to leave your home putting yourself at risk.  You can buy a lot of stuff a lot but you can’ put someone’s mind at ease for things you can’t when they don’t have to take a trip to the store and be exposed!

Call and check on your friends- Did you know that when you become too anxious that it can affect your bowel functions? Sometimes when get too anxious about possibly getting the virus it can affect your bodily functions so you may think your ill but actually your just anxious. This happens to me all the time not just for coronavirus but or many other things and it’s important that you take care of yourself to control your anxiety and check on your friends to make sure they are staying sane especially if they are too high risk to leave the house because there is a chance it could be driving your friends crazy!

Be cautious at big social events– Life goes on and sometimes there are birthdays or some other kind of social event that is worth celebrating. I don’t think we need to stop celebrating these milestones but we certainly should be more cautious when going to them and try to be responsible and not do anything that is too crazy and will put others at risk. Keep washing your hands when going to these events and if it makes you less anxious practice social distancing while being more mindful of your surroundings because you never know who is at these events that have weaker immune systems. I don’t like to go out a lot or go to a whole lot of events but life goes on and sometimes you just have to live life a little and have no choice but to attend these events. You will crazy if you live life in fear that you could catch something that may never happen because there is always a chance you could pick up something from some party but doesn’t necessarily mean you will and if you are hosting as long as you are providing sanitization products to help prevent people from getting ill then you are doing all that you can do.

Don’t share drinks- Whether or not you feel sick it’s still not a good idea to share drinks especially with someone who has a weaker immune system because even though you may be as healthy as can be and not catch anything people with weaker immune systems might not be so lucky because it’s so easy to pick up germs causing you to become very ill.   Sometimes you may not feel sick or it could take a few days before you start to show symptoms and if you are coming down with something pretty awful you don’t want to give that illness to someone else that would have a much harder time at fighting it.

I am not a believer that we all need to sit our homes worried sick that we could catch something that may never affect you because you will either catch it or you won’t and constantly worrying about it won’t lower the chances.  You can do everything you can to try and prevent illness but when it comes down to it you can’t entirely prevent everything and sometimes your doing everything right but things just happen and we aren’t sure why. People tend to get careless when they don’t have a chronic condition to think and they can fight illness easily but it’s really important to disabled people that even if some things are a bit of an overkill that you care and think about the vulnerable when you are out and about by taking necessary precautions even if they seem stupid.  I don’t like wearing things like masks but I don’t mind wearing them because I think about my friend Karly who has a weakened immune system and I worry about her not just catching coronavirus but any illness because they are not easy for her to fight and I don’t ever want to be that person who was responsible for her catching something serious. It’s annoying to have to wear a mask but disabled people need you to care by doing your part in helping those who are more vulnerable to getting sick. How are you helping to protect the vulnerable from getting sick?