What Can I Get My Dad For Father’s Day When He Has Everything?

Sunday is Father’s Day and unlike Mothers’ day where you just buy your mom flowers that might not be the best gift idea for your dad. Most dads will not appreciate flowers as much as your mom will because they are not very manly and as some of the men in my life would say they just die anyway. Buying gifts for your mom is usually not that hard because you can’t go wrong with flowers but buying that for your dad might seem a little weird and that might think it’s a joke and wonder if you have anything else planned. Hopefully, you do because although some people may like them or want them most people will not appreciate them as much as a woman would. I like for shopping others because I love to see how they react to what I bought them but sometimes shopping for the men in my life can be difficult because as a woman that is not one of my strengths and sometimes it appears my dad has everything or the stuff he does need I can’t afford to buy for him. If you are just now realizing that Father’s Day is Sunday and are out to run to the store to get your dad a gift here are some last-minute gift ideas that your dad will be sure to love.

Tools- My dad is along with a lot of other guys is always working on some project fixing something that I either broke(unintentionally of course)  or trying to save money by building something of better quality than you would buy in the store that would last longer than a few months. If you hand a woman some tools unless it’s something basic like a hammer most females will not know what to do with it but for many guys, they know exactly what it is used for. If your dad is always in the garage building something and working on some project then it might be a good idea to find out what tools they could use because to finish these projects you need decent tools! It can be expensive to buy decent tools but it is something you will need to finish these projects so it’s a great gift idea if you know what they could use!

A new outfit- Women love to shop and I am not saying I don’t because I would never deny a shopping trip but for my dad, that is not his favorite thing to do and although my dad does go on an occasional shopping trip with his wife and daughters it’s not his favorite things to do but would much rather spend time in the yard. Unlike many women where we spend three hours doing yard work and complain about it a lot of guys don’t mind it and would prefer to do over their wives. My dad could spend all day doing yard work and then do it again the next day without a single complaint which is why our yard looks so good because my dad takes pride in making it look that way.  My dad spends a lot of the time in the yard and does other activities so it can be nice to get an outfit that won’t be worn for yardwork!

Make a meal-  Some people are not comfortable with going out to a restaurant because of the fear of getting ill and that is okay you don’t have to go out to celebrate Father’s Day! Stay at home and find out what your dad’s favorite meal is and if it’s not too complicated then see if you can surprise him and make it for him. For Fathers’ Day, my dad likes steak so my mom usually grills some steak and I don’t know if it will be any different this year but one thing that is usually is the same is we get to have family bonding which I think we don’t have enough of since most of us don’t live in the same household.

Chocolate–  Chocolate is the new flowers for men! Unlike many women who are very self-conscious about their weight and go sorts of diets, men are not nearly as concerned. To get chocolate for a woman and have her appreciate it you really have to know her because if she is dieting and doesn’t really want it then it might just cause more stress and all she will be thinking about is how to get rid of it so it won’t be as much appreciated. Unless the men in your life don’t like chocolate or have a medical condition where it has to be limited then you can’t go wrong with their favorite chocolate because who would reject that?  Personally, I wish I had self-control (which I don’t and will eat it all in sitting) and could eat chocolate without consequences because I love it so much but what can you do?

Gym attire- My dad goes on a four and a half-mile run and then afterward does about two hundred situps.  I could easily do two to three hundred situps without a problem because working abdominals is ninety percent of what I do but when I was done I could not motivate myself to walk even two miles because not only do I hate cardio but my disability makes it incredibly difficult to walk long distances and it can do more harm than good when I push my body too much. Gym clothes only last so long before they start to smell and have to be thrown out and even if you do something low intensity like Pilates this will eventually happen and you have to buy to gym clothes. Anyone who consistently works out can always use new gym equipment or attire and if you are sure your dad works out a lot and won’t be offended by gym equipment or attire then it can be the perfect gift for your dad.

Get a gift card- If I am going to the store with someone to help pick out a gift I usually can find something pretty good to get my dad but by myself, I am like a lost puppy dog and often find myself feeling stumped. If you don’t know what to get your dad or aren’t comfortable being out at the store you can always mail your dad a gift and he can use it whenever he is ready to be out! Whether that maybe next week or three months from now it doesn’t matter because gift cards don’t expire!

Buy a new hat- My dad is stylish in a new hat and in Florida during the heat of summer a new hat can be useful for preventing skin cancer while also protecting your head because no one likes a nasty burn on the top of their scalp. It’s seriously the worst place to get a burn even for females who have a full head of hair covering their scalp that you would think wouldn’t burn but we still do and are just as mindful of it. My dad had so many hats and sometimes I hesitate to buy more when he has so many and I am not sure if he will like it but if I am pretty confident it’s his style I go with it because the worst things that will happen is I have to return it!

My dad can be a difficult man to shop for because and buys everything he would need to do all his projects and if he does need something it usually is something way out of my budget. I am unemployed and on a limited budget and not the best a gift-giving but I do try to get something I think he will like but not always am I able to do that but it’s the thought that counts! It doesn’t matter if you have the worst gift Father’s Day gift that you have to return because as long as you are willing to make time for them on their special day that is all anyone really wants or needs. I am so lucky to have a loving father that has been with me through the challenges but unfortunately, it is difficult for many parents of disabled children and not all disabled people can have that. If you are struggling this Father’s Day because you are a single parent and wondering if your child will be okay I want you to know that as long as you are always there for your child even when it’s hard then your doing better than you think. Disabled people need their parent’s support more than ever because it’s not when it’s easy that we need it most but it’s through the challenges and everything feels like it’s crashing down! What plans do you have for Father’s Day? Are you a last-minute shopper or have you already purchased your Father’s Day gift? To all the Father’s out there loving their kids and wants to be a part of their life I hope your day is everything you could have ever wanted!


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