How To Motivate Yourself To Get In Shape When You Just Don’t Want To

People often will tell you to pay attention to your nutrition and to hit the gym to stay healthy. If you can you totally should put in your best effort to do that but what if you don’t want to? I love my workout routine but sometimes I don’t want to do it ask myself is staying shape really necessary? I am a firm believer you shouldn’t be working out for vanity reasons but if you can you should try and aim for at least thirty minutes of exercise a day. When you workout your reason for doing it shouldn’t be to look a certain way but to get stronger and reduce your risk of heart disease and many other medical conditions that could be the result of inactivity.  Staying active is a lot easier said than done and if you are struggling to motivate yourself to even do a short workout I am going to get some tips that may help because even if I don’t always want to hit the gym I want results and know I should and is why I stay consistent.

Have a strong why- When making any goal the secret to being successful at reaching that goal is to have a strong why. Why do you want to reach your fitness goals? If you don’t have a strong why then you will fail because it will not be as important and you won’t be as motivated to reach your goals because you don’t care as much and aren’t as excited about reaching them. Be specific with your why and write it down so you don’t lose sight of why you want to reach your goals when you run into an obstacle. If your why is strong enough then no matter how many obstacles you run into your why is what will keep you going.

Start small– When you start a fitness journey you don’t want to be too overly ambitious when setting your goals because if you create goals you can’t reach then you will feel discouraged and start to lose motivation when you realize they are unattainable.  The secret to crushing your goals isn’t starting with the larger goals but to start small and once you have accomplished that then work your way towards the larger goals. 

Reward yourself- Workouts don’t come easy for everyone and sometimes you have to literally drag yourself to them and even then you don’t want to. For me I can do abs all day long but when it comes to strength training that’s a whole different story and it doesn’t matter what the routine is there is only one thing that can motivate me to get it done and that is a reward after my work. I don’t eat very much chocolate because it interacts with my body but after a workout  I allow chocolate milk because I need something that I can look forward to after my workout to motivate me to want to do my workout.  I chose to have chocolate milk because not only does it taste good but when you have it within thirty minutes of working out it aids with workout recovery by helping maintain your energy as the carbs and protein in the milk is important for repairing your muscles. There many different ways you can reward yourself such as treating yourself to your favorite snack or even watching your favorite tv show. Everyone is different and the trick is for this method to work is whatever reward you choose you can’t have it all the time or you won’t look forward to it after a workout.

Commit to five minutes-  The most difficult part of a new workout is generally not the workout itself but motivating yourself to do the workout. New workout routines can be very intimidating and may seem much like they are beyond your fitness level and much harder than they actually are. I have done so many routines that I thought was going to be crazy difficult and it turned out not to be difficult at all and the only way I knew that is by trying it because the worst thing that can happen is it is too hard and you have to take it down a notch. When I can’t motivate myself to workout I commit to five minutes and after those five minutes are up if I want to call it quits I do but I don’t think I ever have because the most difficult part is starting and once you master that you won half the battle because it will make you feel super pumped so you’ll want to finish what you started.

Get your sleep-   When you workout your body breaks down muscles and you do not repair and build muscle while you work out but on your rest days and when your sleeping. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep; because if your not that could play a huge role in why you are wildly unmotivated to do a routine that you usually enjoy. When you don’t sleep enough your mind won’t be as sharp so you will feel sluggish and unable to perform as well as you normally would be. Skip the allnighters and have a good sleeping schedule so you can feel your best and will be less likely to want to skip your workouts.

Make it fun– Many people hate their routines not because they are incapable of doing them but because they chose an exercise where they literally have to drag themselves to the gym and even then seriously think about going to Starbuck instead of the gym. Make fitness fun and do something that you actually enjoy doing like dancing, yoga, or my personal favorite pilates so it won’t seem as much of a drag. If tons of situps are part of your routine and you hate doing it then why are you because there are tons of other ways you can work your core. You won’t be able to stick with it for long so find something that pumps you because you can make fitness fun as long as you are willing to do some trial and error and try new things until you are able to find that one thing you can’t wait to do again!

Switch it up-  Some people can do the same types of workout over and over again and never get bored with their routine while others need variety to stay motivated. I get bored easily and when I am bored I skip workouts so I try new routines all the time to keep in interesting and prevent from getting bored. If you struggling to get motivated and your routine feels like a drag then, try doing something else to get that motivation back. There are so many forms of exercise you can choose from such as pilates, yoga, running or walking that will give you great benefits and if you used to love exercise and now you don’t then you may just have gotten bored with your routine and it’s time to try something else to learn to love it again.

Get a workout partner-  I can’t go to the gym because there is too much equipment I can’t use and wouldn’t benefit from half of it so it wouldn’t be worthwhile for me to get a gym membership when all could use is their weights and maybe a few machines because I can get all that at home. I have been doing Pilates on Youtube for almost ten years and have done most of the workouts multiple times so I have most of them memorized and could do them on my own but I won’t because it feels like I have a workout partner when I am working out and it goes by much faster. I have the hardest time at getting motivated to stay active on my own and if I had it any other way I wouldn’t do it.  If you are struggling to get motivated to workout find a workout partner that has your similar goals and workout out with them because it will go by much faster if you have someone there that can motivate you to hold you accountable.

Follow someone who has your similar goals- People often make goals like”I want to have a Kim Kardashian butt” without realizing that everyone is built differently and making goals to look like someone else is unrealistic expectations and probably won’t happen. Celebrities live in big mansions and can afford to have a full-length gym in their house while also hiring the top of the line trainer to help them stay in shape and even if you could have the body of a celebrity it would be very difficult to do that without having access to the same types of things. Most people will not be able to support that kind of lifestyle and it’s kind of silly to make goals based on what someone else is doing when your goals don’t line up with their’s at all. Instead of looking at celebrities and wishing you had their bodies appreciate what you do have and follow like-minded people that have your similar goals to help you stay accountable. It can be a family friend or if you don’t have anyone if your life that lines up with your similar goals then join a Facebook group of people who have similar goals to yours. Surrounding yourself in a positive fitness community can help you stay on track of your goals and feel more confident when you reach even the smallest goal. Since your goals will be similar no one will have any unrealistic expectations! 

Just do it- I love working out but sometimes it doesn’t matter what I do I just don’t want to and there is nothing in this world that can motivate me to do it. Sometimes you just have to get it done early and just do it even if you don’t want to and your heart says Netflix because it will feel so good after it’s done! 

 I like to work out because as a disabled person that is where I can push my body and truly see what I am capable of and what I am not but even loving my routine I still don’t always want to.  It’s okay to not want to or skip a few days or weeks of your workout when your body isn’t feeling it as long as you can recognize that and get back into it quickly. Sometimes you need a break and the reason you can’t motivate yourself is that you are so exhausted from going extra hard for too long. Mix it up and have some days where you push yourself harder and others where you do something that is a little bit easier. If you aren’t exhausted and just don’t want to then commit to five minutes and see how it feels because you might be surprised how motivated you can get in that short time to want to finish. Getting started in a new fitness regime getting started is the hardest part and once you have figured that out you have won half the battle. How do you get motivated to stay active when you just don’t want to?

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