Mental Health Bloggers You Need To Be Following!

n honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I thought I would reshare this post where I compiled a list of my favorite bloggers that write about all things mental health. If you are struggling during this pandemic it can put a toll on your mental health but remember mental health is just as important as physical health and you are not alone!

Depression and anxiety are often overlooked and misunderstood as sadness or not getting out enough. There is so much more to depression and anxiety than just being sad or lonely all the time and unfortunately, it is more complicated than that and there is much more to it. If you have depression or anxiety and can’t afford therapy it can sometimes make you feel like you are on this journey alone but trust me you are not alone and there are more people that are experiencing the same thing than you realize. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as anything else so today I am going to give you a few blogs that are worth a follow that focuses on improving your mental health.

Gina’s Library- Gina is a huge advocate for chronic and mental illnesses. Sometimes when you have a chronic illness you can feel alone but trust me you are not alone and there are more people struggling with their mental health than you realize. Through Gina’s posts, she hopes to give you inspiration so you can have a less stressful lifestyle! If you are struggling and this sounds like something that would be of interest give Gina a follow at Gina’s Library

Nyxie’s Nook– Chloe the creator of Nyxie Nook had anorexia as a teenager and since then has been struggling with depression and anxiety. Chloe has been somewhat recovered from that for five years now and wants to share her journey with others. This blog is all about what she has learned through her journey, recovery, and all things mental health. If this is something that sounds like it would be of interest to you then give her a follow.

Journey Through the Fog- Jo the creator of Journey Through the Fog has a couple chronic illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS and depression, and anxiety. She talks about all things mental and physical health and how chronic illness can impact your life in more ways than you could ever imagine.  Through this blog, you will learn practical ways that can help you take control of your life.

Borderline Mama- Megan the creator of Borderline Mama struggles with mental illness and Borderline Personality disorder. Meghan is a first-time mom and finds it very important, to be honest with your struggles and take them head-on so she blogs about mental illness and parenthood. Having your first child can be a lot to take in and she hopes that sharing her story will make others more comfortable sharing theirs!

Just Another moment-  Depression and anxiety are very common amongst people who have chronic illnesses or chronic pain. This blog will teach you all about chronic illnesses and chronic pain while also showing you how to maintain your mental and physical health. If this is something you need give this blog a follow at Just Another Moment

Fibro Mom Blog– Fibro Mom Blog is an advocate for chronic illnesses and mental health advocate! Everyone’s voice deserves to be heard and through this blog, you will find that voice. Building a supportive community and advocacy is important and this what this blog strives to accomplish. Through this blog, you will find support groups and encouragement so you don’t feel so alone.

HEYITSCHLOEJADE- Heyitschloejade is a blog all about raising awareness for chronic and mental illnesses. Chronic illness is invisible and often misunderstood and this blog strives to bring you a better understanding of the issue because although someone may look fine that doesn’t mean they are!

Here are a few more blogs that focus on mental illness, chronic pain or chronic illness

The invisibile F

A Chronic Voice

The Bipolar Writer

DSavannah Rambles

The Zebra Pit

Fibro Jedi

Upbeat Living

Ice Cream and Sticky Fingers

Walk a Myelin in My Shoes

When you have depression and don’t know anyone who understands mental illnesses you can feel alone. Always remember you are not alone and there are more people who experience the same things as you do than you realize. Find your tribe that may be the first step to getting better.  There are so many mental health bloggers on the internet nowadays I couldn’t possibly put them all in one post so these are just a small fraction of mental health bloggers I connect with. The Chronic Illness Bloggers Network is also a great place to find so many incredible mental health bloggers. What mental health bloggers do you follow?

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