Mother’s Day is Sunday and if you have been struggling financially it might not be in the budget to get your mom a fifty dollar bouquet of flowers. Mom’s love flowers and will appreciate it if you get them a nice bouquet of flowers but not everyone can afford it and if you can’t don’t sweat it because you can still show you appreciation without spending a whole lot of money on gifts and staying within your budget. I just upgraded my iPhone Se to the new iPhone 11 so I can take better quality pictures because the iPhone Se was too small and it was nearly impossible to take halfway decent looking pictures without something being cut off and looking like a total amateur!  It was worth it to upgrade because now I will be able to create halfway decent looking photos without it taking three hours which is an important part for growth but I am basically poor until next month and I get my next SSI check. I have no regrets and I am happy I made the switch because it was a necessary purchase for my blog but I will need to cut spending for a couple of weeks and only buy what I absolutely need to save money which means there will be no flowers for my mom this year because they are so darn expensive! Flowers can be expensive and if you can’t afford it here are some ways you can celebrate your mom while staying in budget.

Spend time with her–  Gifts are nice and moms will appreciate whatever you get them but if you can’t afford something nice they will understand and won’t expect anything from you or want you to go into debt but will be surprised if you get them something and are struggling financially.  Sometimes we get busy throughout the year and don’t get to see much of our parents and it can mean so much to our mom if you take the time out of your day to hang with your mom. My mom doesn’t expect gifts although she always gets something from one of her five kids and all she really wants to do is have a day where we all hang out! Sometimes it’s just simple things like hanging out with someone that can brighten someone’s day!

Hand made gifts-  If my sisters or I were to make my mom a handmade gift she would display it throughout the entire house for all to see even if it was the ugliest piece of artwork you have ever seen because that is just the type of person my mom is. This is not a bad thing because at least you know you that when you pour your heart and soul into something and give it to my mom she won’t put it in the back of her closet! Personally, I don’t give my mom a lot of hand gifts because I am very indecisive and I can’t bring myself to finish a project because just when I think I am done I come up with another way to make it better or I don’t like the way looks so I don’t ever want to see it again. When you give a hand-made gift to my mom you will probably see it again because it makes my mom so happy to receive these types of gifts so make it something you’re proud of!

Write a poem- When I was in high school I remember every Wednesday my English teacher making us write a poem and every week it was a different type of poem. I remember doing it because it was a graded assignment but I never said I liked it but I actually hated it and had such a hard time with coming up with such short poems and dreaded this day!  Apparently, I had a talent for it and I don’t know if this was true or if I was just being told that to spare my feelings but it was those moments when I realized poetry is actually hard so there will never be poetry on my blog because it doesn’t flow as well with me and I don’t really enjoy writing it.  If you are up to the challenge you mom will love if you write her a poem because even if it’s downright awful she will be supportive and tell you that it is amazing because that’s what’s mom’s do.

Make a Youtube video/ blog post- If you are a content creator one way you can show your appreciation for your mom is to feature her in a blog post or Youtube video which can be especially good if you want to spread awareness for a disability or chronic illness because your mom will be able to provide a different perspective helping readers better understand your disability.  If you want to do this it might be a good idea to as first if they wouldn’t doing a blog post, interview, or Youtube video to get their insights on certain issues but also be open to them saying no and needing to improvise with another idea. After all, it is your blog and you don’t want your mom to feel uncomfortable because that will defeat the purpose of creating content that is supposed to show their appreciation! About a year ago I wrote a blog post about the responsibilities my mom had as being the parent as a disabled child and at the time it didn’t seem like much but to my mom, it meant more knowing that I recognize a lot of things that I sometimes people might take for granted.

Make a card- Cards can be simple but they can be so powerful because it’s not the card that matters is what you write inside the card that counts and what really matters. You can put a smile on someone who has had a hard day and change their day but a simple heartfelt note! There are easy ways to make cards such as making it handmade, buying it if you are really pressed for time, or using Canva if you want to design your own from the computer and don’t want to spend money.

Make a photo album-  There are two things mom’s love and that is when their kids are getting along and photos of them together.  If you want to make this day special without putting a hole in your wallet then now would be a good time to dig up all those old those photos and put them in an album because when your mom can look back at those old memories and see how far you have come it will be something she will cherish forever because you can’t buy memories at Walmart or your local florist shop!

Make a meal- If you can’t afford to go out then make a home-cooked meal of her favorite foods that you know she will not be able to resist.  As long as she doesn’t have to do any of the cooking or cleaning you can’t go wrong with that and be pretty sure it will be a hit!

During a pandemic, Mother’s day can be a challenging time if you are struggling financially just to pay the bills and can’ afford the extra expense to get something nice. Gifts are nice but if you can’t afford them a more thoughtful gift like something handmade that took more time to prepare will have more value and be remembered for years to come.  Gifts are one way you can show your appreciation but are not the only way and if you can’t afford expensive flowers then you don’t have to because there are other ways you can show your mom that you appreciate everything she has done. Gift giving is what most people do but if you have a budget then do something else more memorable that she will never forget. If you are a mom I hope this weekend is everything you hoped it would be and if you are struggling this Mother’s day because you are without your mom my heart hurts for you. I hope you find peace and enjoy yourself this weekend even if there is pain. Are you able to afford a nice gift for your mom? What do you do for your mom when you can’t afford something nice? I’d love to hear your ideas and if you like this post please let me know in the comments below. To all the mom’s out there worrying and wondering if everything is going to be okay you are doing better than you think!