When You Start To Lose Blogging Motivation

When you are a new blogger the first year of blogging is usually exciting and pretty easy.  New bloggers have all kinds of ideas for content they want to create but as time goes on and you get into years two and three some of the motivation starts to fade because you run out of ideas. It is so important that as a blogger when you start to feel discouraged and lose motivation you remind yourself why you started because it is so easy to compare yourself to others who are better writers or have higher follower count.  It takes time to establish an audience so if you are struggling here are a few things you can do to get back on track.

What is your mission?- Before starting a blog the first thing you need to know is what is your mission? What message do you want to put out for your readers? If your blog is all over the place it may be difficult for you to get growth for your blog because your readers will not know what type of content to expect. It can be really discouraging when you pouring your heart and soul into your blog and no one is reading it so why not narrow down your blog categories so it is clear to your readers what is all about. Some bloggers can have a blog that is all over the place and get tons of growth from it but as for most people having it more organized usually, works better.

What interests you?- One of the reasons you could be losing motivation is that you are writing what you think is popular not what interests you and are getting bored with your content. Your readers deserve your best work and can see right through something that was whipped up in ten minutes and one that took several hours. Why should your readers want to read your content if it’s, not something you wouldn’t read yourself? Don’t create content you wouldn’t read yourself because it will show and your blog stats will suffer because of it and I know it’s not about numbers but when your views tank it can be discouraging and make you wonder why did I do this again? Your stats may not be as good as you’d like them to be but you can really tell the passionate bloggers from the non-passionate ones because the passionate ones always do better.

Take a break- If you are truly burnt out from blogging then instead of throwing in the towel and quitting then you may benefit from taking a short break. Short breaks allow you to clear your head because if you are too stressed coming up with new blog post ideas will be nearly impossible. While you’re on your break you could create new content so that way when you return you are ahead and have more time to write new blog posts. Writing when you are on a break is less stressful because you won’t have the added stress of having to publish a post. If you are super stressed and the thought of writing stresses you out then taking a break from writing may be more beneficial until you are able to clear your head and get back on track.

Rebrand- Most disabled bloggers love what they do but they don’t necessarily want to advocate for disability all the time. Don’t get me wrong advocating is important and I would never stop doing it but it can get exhausting and sometimes discouraging. If you are a disabled blogger and feel the same way it can never hurt to change up your blog and maybe add a few extra categories that are not disability-related to help you stay motivated. My blog’s primary focus is a disability but I like to write about blogging, fitness and other things about my life to keep me super excited so I can stay motivated and want to write. It’s really important as a blogger that whatever you write about is exciting to you and makes you want more because if it isn’t it may be time to make changes and change up your content so you are able to enjoy blogging again.

Read other blogs in your niche that inspire you- I love blogging and sometimes I have a perfectly good topic to write about but I just can’t motivate myself and don’t’ want to. Reading blogs in your niche that inspire you can help give you ideas for future posts so you will become motivated to write and if you still feel kind of stuck then you body might be trying to tell you something!

Update old content-  The last month or so I have been struggling with migraines and fatigue and I had planned to write a new post today but when I woke up this morning I was so tired I knew it was not happening. Sometimes bloggers have a topic planned and for whatever reason don’t have it in them to write that post but think they have to so they force themselves to write only to realize posts that are forced don’t turn out very good. If you have a set schedule let your audience know not to expect a post from but save it for another day and update some old content. Unless you started last week you probably have some posts that could be made better and use some updating.

Don’t force content–  People often think that the secret to growth is to create more content and yes that is partly true you do need content to grow.  That is not necessarily true if you are creating something that didn’t have much thought or took an hour and is considered low-quality posts. Don’t just write for the sake of writing or to get a post out but when you have something to say. Posts that have meaning behind them will have engagement and will do so much better which will help you grow.

Change your environment– Sometimes all it takes to get motivated to write is simply changing the environment you are writing in. If you are struggling to get motivated to write try writing someplace else like your living or your backyard that you don’t usually write it. For some people sometimes all it takes to get motivated and have those words start to flow is a change in scenery!

As a blogger, it is so easy to lose motivation to blog when your posts aren’t doing so well. If you don’t remind yourself why you started your blog will lose purpose and you will lose motivation to create new content. Planning and writing what you love will be your best tools as a blogger and as soon as you have mastered that you will do great things. Blogger burnout is real so make sure you recognize the signs and take care of yourself because you cannot grow if your posts don’t interest you and you don’t really care about them. Bloggers, how do you stay motivated as a blogger?

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