If you are a blogger whether it’s fulltime or parttime it is likely you invest a lot of time into your blog like hours and hours daily. If you are like me and pour your heart and soul into your blog but don’t do much of anything else other than improving your blog then it is likely you have some bad habits. Who doesn’t have them? If blogging is your life like it is for me and were to tell me you don’t have any bad blogging habits I would think you either have some serious discipline or are totally lying because every blogger has bad habits that they should probably break to make better posts. In the beginning, my only concern was creating as much content as I could, building a community and do whatever it takes to make it as a blogger even if that meant spending way too much time on my blog and lacking in self-care. I was exhausted after a year of blogging this way and wanted to quit but realized I was looking at it all wrong and my habits were what was killing it. Your health should always be prioritized over making blog posts and if you have these bad blogging I encourage you to put an end to them right now!

Holding in your pee- If your a blogger and you told me that you never held in your pee while writing I would think your lying, incredibly disciplined or have a medical condition and can’t because we all have done it. When you have a chronic condition it is not always advisable to do that unless you like bladder infections and other health problems but personally I like to avoid them. If I told you I never held it in while writing I would totally be lying because I have probably done it once or twice but I try not to because I have a lot of problems that I don’t want to make worse. It’s so easy to forget to take bathroom breaks or not want to because you fear that you’ll forget vital information you want in a blog post but realistically you won’t forget all that much in five minutes. If you forget something important you can always go back and edit it later so there are no excuses for sacrificing your health.  I know this was a terrible habit that I needed to break and one of the ways I did that was set a timer every couple of hours to remind me when I needed to go to the bathroom because without doing that I would get so involved in writing and forget which is unhealthy for most people but for people with chronic conditions it can be more serious.

Skipping meals- Bloggers, how many of you have skipped a meal or two because you had this idea and everything was flowing? I know I have and for me personally skipping a meal or two isn’t as serious as not going to the bathroom and won’t cause any major health concerns but it can cause some things not to work properly, migraines and won’t have me feeling at one hundred percent. There is nothing worse than feeling kinda yuck and having a migraine attack over one skipped meal so don’t and avoid them by prioritizing your meals. For me personally, to avoid an attack I need to have something every three to four hours but some people may be able to go longer. Find a schedule that works for you and try not to stray too much from it. Sometimes I get busy and don’t always stick to my schedule but I mostly do because when I don’t I instantly regret it.

Putting physical activity on the back burner- If you have chronic pain physical activity does not hold as much as a priority as some other activities might. How many of you chronic pain bloggers have written a blog post and then decided to take a nap but after the nap, you told yourself you were going to do some physical activity? I know I am guilty of this more times than I should probably admit and let me tell you when I say I am going to do something it never happens. Working out is not the same for me anymore and as much as I love Pilates or other low-intensity routines I don’t feel powerful like I used to but in exhausted and in pain. I miss being wildly motivated and having the feeling that what I was doing is worth it.  Working out doesn’t have as high of a priority as my blog does because I feel happy and accomplished after blogging where I don’t after working out. I am trying to find that balance because I want to enjoy exercise again.

Obsessing over your stats- If you are a blogger and were to tell me that you have never obsessed over your stats I wouldn’t believe you. Every blogger has gotten obsessed with the numbers at some point but some take it to a whole new level by checking their stats every five minutes hoping there will be a dramatic change. I know I am guilty of it when stats are down and posts that I spent an hour on are getting tons of views and ones that I spent all day on aren’t getting any and those moments my heart dies a little. I try not to get too emotionally attached to my stats because I know they can fluctuate from hour to hour but after two years of blogging, I can’t help myself.  I just wrote a fantastic post so what is wrong with people and why aren’t they viewing it?

Not engaging in other activities-  Blogging is a lot of work and will take up most of your time if you are trying to make it a career out of it but if you don’t do anything else it can drive you nuts.  For a while, there all I did was blogging but it is good to take breaks from your blog because it can give you mental clarity so you can be in the right mindset for your next post. I took up calligraphy and sign language as hobbies for when I need to take a break from my blog and think about something other than blogging.

Comparing yourself to other bloggers- Most bloggers are guilty of looking at someone else who is more successful than them and being envious of their success but you are not doing yourself any favors by sitting around feeling sorry for yourself because you want what they have. Instead of moping and wanting to have the success of others make it your goals to make yours better.  Different strategies work for different people and what works for one blogger might not work for you so instead of trying to duplicate someone else’s strategy come up with your own content plan. There will always be someone that is better than you and even if something seems so small to someone else it can be a great accomplishment for you so celebrate those victories!

Every blogger has bad habits that they should break probably break and the problem isn’t the bad habits themselves it’s wanting to break them. I know it’s so easy to spend all day on your blog trying to improve it and make better content but if you are neglecting self-care you will be unable to give people even though you are telling yourself that you can. Eventually, your body will give out and you will become too exhausted and sick to blog that you will have no choice but to take a break.  It won’t do anything for your blog if you have to stop altogether or take a six-month sabbatical because of ill health and you will kick yourself in the butt for it. Then after you have these challenges you will ask yourself was it worth it? No, it’s never worth it and it won’t take you long to realize that and miss blogging. Sometimes when you get so focused on finishing a task we don’t pay much attention to our self-care but please try because not always can these bad decisions be undone. What bad habits do you have? Are you still working breaking them or have you already broken these bad habits?