Trying new things can be scary and it can be tempting to want to stay in our comfort zones! Not trying new things because you could not fail is not the answer! Trying new things and stepping out of your comfort zone opens doors to opportunities you never would have dreamed would be an option for you.  Yes you could fail but you could also be extremely successful and you will never know that if you keep avoiding everything that steps even a little bit out of your comforts. Failure is a fact of life and should not fear it and if you avoid everything that steps out of your comfort zone you are holding yourself back from doing great things! If failure is stopping from trying something new here are a few things you can try to help change your mindset and work towards that goal.

Don’t listen to negative people- When I was in high school I had to pass a state test in order to graduate and if you were unable to pass you had to relish a remedial course until you did. Since I was unable to pass I had to take a remedial reading course and one of the teachers I had told us we were all failures if we did not pass! I don’t know if this was supposed to be some sort of motivation but in all honesty, all it did was kill my self-esteem! I ended up having to get the test waived because my learning disability made it difficult to pass. For the longest time, I thought I was a failure so I tried different careers because I felt like I had something to prove. Then I eventually realized that not passing a test does not make you a failure and I let that teacher get to my head. Negative people will only crush your goals when they see you succeeding so surround yourself with positive people who encourage you and won’t get jealous when you reached a goal that they have not. It’s not a competition and who gets to the finish line first shouldn’t matter but for some people, it’s all about who’s better!

You could fail- Yes you could fail, but you could also be very successful and will never know until you try! Failure is a sign you a trying and it’s okay if you don’t get it the first time but you will never know what you are truly capable of if you constantly fear that you won’t succeed.

It’s okay if you do fail-  People often look at failure as a negative but there is nothing wrong with failing and is a sign you are learning something new but haven’t gotten it quite right just yet. Not many people try new things and master on the first go and it’s usually messy or totally wrong and not the way it is supposed to look.  With practice, you will learn how to perfect that skill so it’s okay if you fail on the first try because unless you are extremely talented in a certain skill it is very rare you will master the first time you try it. As long as you don’t give up you will see yourself getting better which you won’t see if you quit!

Learn from your mistakes-  Instead of beating yourself up and getting depressed that you failed let that be a lesson to you. What can you change or do differently to become successful?  Albert Einstein once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result so find out what you did that was wrong and change it. Failure is not the end of the world and even the most successful people fail and the difference between the two people is successful people don’t pity themselves when it doesn’t work out. They figure out what they need to do differently and make changes because nothing will ever happen if you aren’t willing to accept your failures.

Just do it- When you start something new the biggest battle you will face is not being in the right mindset and convincing yourself your not capable.  There is no perfect time to start a new career or create that blog and sometimes you have to ignore those negative thoughts and just do it. You will never start something if you keep asking yourself if it’s a good idea and just have to do it without thinking about it too much. I get a lot of anxiety when I know people read my blog posts but don’t know what they think of them. I try not to think about it too much because I am not forcing anyone to read it and if someone hated it you always can stop and I would never know unless you told me.  I didn’t know if this blogging thing would work out so I just hit publish and if it did then great and if not then at least I could say I tried. Somebody will always have something negative to say about what you are doing so you can either use that as fire and give up or just do it and prove them wrong. The choice is yours!

Before I started blogging I feared my blog could fail but I took the risk anyway and I am glad I did because it has opened doors to many opportunities I did not have before blogging. When I started this blog I was so scared that it could fail but then I realized I was missing the point and even if my blog did fail(which it’s not I am thriving) it would teach a lesson on what I needed to change or do differently.  People often look at failure as a negative but if you think about it can also be positive because it can motivate you to want to keep trying until you reach that goal. If everything also worked out and you never felt challenged you couldn’t reach your full potential or know what you were truly capable of. Failure helps you grow and sometimes you will fail miserably but giving up or not trying new things because it’s hard is not the solution. Failing at something and then finally getting it a few months or years later is a great feeling that you won’t ever experience if you give up. Let go of your fear failure and remind yourself everyone fails because it will open so many doors.  If you any questions about why you shouldn’t fear failure please leave them in the comments below.