Everyone has been disappointed with how things have worked out at some point in their life. Sometimes the outcome of certain situations is what we originally what we would have hoped for and we feel defeated and disappointed because we thought it would have been better. Most people hope for positive results and the best-case scenario so when that doesn’t happen it is natural for our brains to start thinking negatively and feeling like everything is going to crash and burn. On Tuesday I was offered the best opportunity that my blog I and because of my upcoming surgery I had no choices but to turn it down. The deadline I was given was days after I had surgery and the only way that maybe this could have been possible was if I was given an extension or I had a team and I have neither of those things.  It was depressing to have to let it go and all I have been thinking about since Tuesday but I knew it was the right thing to do because even if I could have pulled it there would have been risks of been sacrificing a great partnership because of poorly written content since I would have been in so much pain. Letting this go was the right thing to but wasn’t easy but sometimes it’s when things don’t feel right or our health would be sacrificed it is what we have to do. It won’t be easy but you can’t move past it by taking a following these simple steps.

Let it go–  When you receive an opportunity that you have been trying to get for several months but can’t execute to the best of your ability you have to let it go! Stop trying to find a way to make it work because sometimes you can’t. Did I reread the original pitch like ten times to see if I could negotiate it to see if I could get it done this week? Of course but it was clearly stated that interviews were to be made by February 28th which I probably could have done but I would not have been at the top of my game because I still would have been in a lot of pain from surgery. I decided to let it go which sometimes you have to do for your health even if technically you can make it work. It’s not always worth it and if you can’t be at the top of your game when executing an opportunity it’s definitely not worth it and can sacrifice a partnership. You will be better off not accepting it than having a brand think you don’t present as well as you appear it your posts.

Know Your Worth Sometimes when you have been looking for a sponsor for a long time and then finally find one, bloggers will take whatever they can get to not lose this opportunity even if it’s not a very good one. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a blogger and you need to learn to recognize a good offer from a bad one and don’t be afraid to decline the bad ones because what you were offered might not have been as good of an offer as you though and could hurt your blog. Know what your blog is worth because brands will walk all over you if you let them and a blog that is getting thousands of views a month and should be getting paid at least two hundred dollars for a sponsored post will be offered much less than that if you don’t stand your ground of what you want.

Remind yourself there are better opportunities- When you agree to work with a brand you have no idea how much you will like them until you actually start working them. Anyone can talk themselves up in a pitch and make themselves sound great when really they are not as great as you may think and possibly not the type of people you want to be working with. Declining the best opportunity that your blog has ever received is not the worst thing that will ever happen to you because for all you know that opportunity might not be as great as you think it is and it could be good that you declined it. I have had brands waste my time claiming they are going to interview me when they did not ask single questions and all they did was lecture me about their campaign for a half hour.  That is not an interview and if I would have known there have been instances where I could have saved so much time! People will waste your time as a blogger while sometimes it’s another blogger wasting your time and other times brands will try and take advantage that is just part of being a blogger.  As a small blogger when you decline opportunities it can be depressing because you never know if you will get a good opportunity like that again but if you can do it once you can do twice! It might take another year or so to do it but next time the opportunity might be bigger and have more opportunities for growth so don’t lose hope because it is always a possibility.

Do something to take your off mind of it- If the thought of missing an opportunity bothers you so much that you can’t stop thinking about it find a distraction that can get your mind off of it and thinking about something else.

Everyone has faced some sort of disappointment as some time in their life whether you weren’t accepted in the school wanted or you lost the opportunity to work your dream job you have probably been let down at one time or another. Disappointment happens to everyone it’s not the disappointment that matters it’s how you deal with it and move on from it that really counts.  Learn from your mistakes and focus on the next step because thinking about everything you don’t have will do nothing for you. Accepting every opportunity that comes your way is a big blogging no-no so it is as painful as it could be to let it go it could for the best and a better might come along. You will feel discouraged sometimes when you can’t accept an opportunity but these experiences will make you stronger and when you can accept a big opportunity you will feel more accomplished because you waited and worked so hard to get it. Don’t get discouraged because it takes time to get noticed and sometimes you have to let go of what may seem like big opportunities but having a negative mindset about won’t get it done any faster it may in fact backfire. What have you been most disappointed about? How have these disappointments made you stronger and did you move past them?