Positive Things Happening In My Life Right Now

When you are unable to see your friends because of social isolation it can make some people have a lot of negative thoughts and feelings. There are a lot of negative things going on in this world and some of us have even lost loved ones to the coronavirus so how can you stay positive during this difficult time when there is so much negativity? Being positive won’t change the situation or the outcome of it but it will help you through a situation if something catastrophic like losing a loved one were to happen.  Looking at all the negative of a situation when bad things happen will cause depression because you will see no purpose in life so try and find something positive about that situation even if it’s the smallest most insignificant thing. It will change your mindset and make the biggest difference in how happy you are even when things aren’t working out for you! I just had surgery at the end of February and then we had this social isolation so I have had a ton of time being at home without hanging with my friends.  I wish I could see my friends but it’s not all negative so I am going to talk about some of the positive things that are happening in my life.

I am getting stronger– These last two years with chronic pain have been frustrating and not easy. Chronic pain and migraines are no joke and its’ not until my recent surgery and my pain is gone that I realized how much it was impacting my life. I was in so much pain every day that just getting out of bed in the morning was a chore so my fitness and nutrition were not important to me. I ate horribly and didn’t work out and it showed as I weakened and started to put on some weight. When I started working out again consistently it was not easy because I had to train my brain to push myself a little out of my comfort zone. It’s paying off because my strength is improving and workouts that I found almost ten years ago when I started to Pilates  I can finally do with my nine pounds weights which is the lightest I have because I like to challenge myself. I have always been able to get through at least the first two exercises but never even close to the whole thing. It wasn’t my best performance and I had to take some breaks but I made it through the whole thing without feeling like I am going to die! You might not see a whole lot of physical progress but my strength is improving and I am consistent so I know I am doing something right.

Almost have four-hundred subscribers- Improving your follower count, engagement, views, and social media follows is important for partnerships but it takes a lot of wor and it is not easy. Even the smallest victories are worth celebrating because it is a reminder that you are did something good and is making a difference.  How successful your blog will be is in your complete control and even the smallest goal that seems so insignificant should be celebrated because it is a great feeling to reach those milestones.  It is hard work building a blog and no one else can do it for you or take the credit when you have reached those goals so be proud of yourself even if no one else seems to care.  Finding one dedicated follower is hard work but when it’s grown to a couple hundred it is such a satisfying feeling knowing you are making a difference and people other than your family are reading your posts. have been close for some time but now I am right there and only ten away. Only one step closer to my five hundred follower count goal which seemed so far away and impossible when I started but now it feels like it’s right there!

Getting better with calligraphy-  I never realized how hard learning calligraphy was going to be until I started to try and learn it. If you reading this you might be thinking so big deal? You almost mastered one letter there is nothing to be excited about because there is still a long way to go. Learning calligraphy has been harder for me because when I was in third grade my teacher left halfway through the year to have a baby and I didn’t learn to write half the alphabet in cursive. I could have taught myself later on but I didn’t and all I really need to know was how to write my name which I knew how to do so it’s been quite a journey trying to understand calligraphy! I am slowly picking it but I am learning it at a much slower rate and celebrating these small victories because I am learning a skill I never thought I could!

Know how to sign the alphabet– Before this lockdown, I was home all day every day so I am not experiencing the same boredom or anxiety that someone who is never home and is now being forced to be home might be experiencing. I have more hobbies than I have hours in a day and I tend to forget about half of them and sign language has just been one of those things but hasn’t been at the top of the priority list. Learning calligraphy has been more important to me because it’s a skill I could use for my blog but I have learned the alphabet an a few basic words like yes, no, and maybe. I hope I can find balance in the coming weeks for the two hobbies because I want to find time for both.

My friends are okay– During times like this, it’s important that you check in with your friends to make sure they are okay because even if they aren’t ill they may not be and struggling with their mental health. My friends aren’t ill but some of my high-risk friends are struggling with their mental health so I check up on them almost every day to see if there is anything I can do to help and to let them know they are not alone. Sometimes all it takes is talking to your friends that you trust to help you get through these hard days.

Connecting with the chronic community– During this social isolation, I have had tons of time to find other blogs, comment, and get closer with people within the chronic community which sometimes I neglect when I get busy with doing other things on my blog. I try to be supportive and not do that but sometimes life happens but now is the perfect time to catch up!

I have fully recovered from surgery- Right before this, all happened I had a major bladder surgery and thankfully I didn’t have any complications and have fully recovered just in time for the lockdown. The timing for my surgery could not have been any better because if it was any later it probably would have needed to be rescheduled!

During difficult times people tend to focus on the negatives of a situation and forget about some positives things that happen. There are some things that happen during these times that can make us sad but focusing on only the negatives about a situation will only make you more depressed and even the smallest bit of positivity can make the biggest difference. Having a positive mindset doesn’t change the situation or mean that you will never have a negative thought come into your head but if you try to be positive even when it is most difficult it will make the biggest difference in your life. You will have a purpose to move forward when you have a positive mindset whereas when you are negative there will be no purpose and it will be difficult to move on. People are dying alone and my heart hurts for those families but we can’t just focus on the sad negative things happening in this world but now more than we ever we need more positive happy thoughts.  Sad things are still going to happy and you have no control over whether things will change but you can change how you think about it and focus less on negatives and more on positives.  It will make times like these easier to get through because you feel less depressed. How are you staying positive?

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