The short answer is no, I will never work my dream job. I may work a job but not my dream job. That may be the case for a lot of disabled people because when you are disabled, you have to base your career decisions on your capabilities. An abled person would normally pick a field they are interested in and go into that field. A disabled person may not be able to do that because there may be some physical demands in their dream job that they are unable to meet. I will explain what my dream job is and why I will never be able to work it.

I have spent a long time trying to figure out what I wanted to do. After I graduated high school I volunteered in a physically impaired classroom which I enjoyed very much. So I thought I wanted to be a teacher’s aide so I went to try to get certified. My learning disability made it difficult to pass the certification test to be a teacher’s aide. As time went on I realized I did not want to be a teacher’s aide and I had a real passion for nutrition. I did some research to see if I could work in nutrition without becoming a doctor. There was one option it is a position called a fitness nutrition specialist.

I made some calls to see what it would take to get this certification. In order to get this certification, I would need to become a certified personal trainer and then I could get the certification I actually wanted. I didn’t think it was worthwhile to get a certification I was never going to use. The only other way around not getting the personal training certification would be to go to school and because of my learning disability that was not an option either. What do nutrition specialists do? They give advice on selecting and preparing food, reading nutrition labels, and choosing meals that help with weight loss and improve athletic performance that meet special dietary needs.

After being turned down I looked for another option that I could do. I starting thinking about either blogging or starting a YouTube channel. I chose to blog because in order to start a YouTube channel you need to purchase a bunch of equipment so you can film. I can’t afford to do that.

A lot of people think a customer service or receptionist job is my dream job, in reality, it isn’t. It is a job that would just pay the bill but not my dream job. Blogging is the closest thing to my dream job but the truth is I will never work my dream job. I find joy in educating people and a customer service rep or receptionist will just not do that.

A lot of disabled people will never be able to work their dream job because they are unable to meet the requirements like, an abled person can. If you get depressed about being unable to work your dream job consider exploring other options. You may find a job that is close to your dream job or find another interest you like better. If you have any questions about why I will never work my dream job please leave them in the comments below.