There is so much blogging that is not content creation! When it comes to blogging one of the biggest things I hear that is completely wrong is that blogging is just content creation and if you create more content you will grow.  This is so far from true because I know quite a few bloggers who have tons of posts up with a very small audience. It doesn’t matter if you have five-hundred posts up or twenty your blog doesn’t just grow but bloggers have to actually promote them. Don’t get me wrong you do have to create content but if that is all you had to do to make a decent income off of a blog everyone would do it and there would be no need to go work a real job. Building a successful blog takes treating it like a job and goes beyond content creation because it is not as easy bloggers make it look. To make these posts happen and to keep this blog alive there are many things I have to do behind the scenes to make it worthwhile and to continue getting growth. Today I thought I would share with you a few of those responsibilities as a content creator because it’s not just about content creation!

Promoting your content– Did you know that about eighty percent of building a successful blog is not content creation but promoting the stuff you already have? Yeah creating new content is important but the first five years you are a blogger promoting your content should be more of a priority because you don’t have the audience that large bloggers have and no one knows you exist. It’s not about cranking out more content but writing more high-quality content because it doesn’t matter how much you write if it’s low-quality no one will care to read it. Bloggers spend hours writing and preparing their content but we spend far more time promoting it because there is nothing more discouraging than thinking you wrote an incredible post but your stats say otherwise and no one is viewing it.

Pitching to brands-  Running a blog is expensive and costs me roughly about one-hundred and twenty dollars a year and I am not even on the plan I want to be on because it’s too expensive. To offset some of the cost I pitch to brands and run ads which I have not made much money from because I don’t have the audience but I have made a decent amount from brands that have helped offset some of the cost of my blog. Yes, you can run a blog and pay absolutely no money for it but if you are serious about making a full-time income which is possible then you need to invest in your blog. Sometimes people who don’t blog wonder why we accept sponsored posts and truth is we do it because we need to support our blogs!

Designing the website–  When you visit a bloggers website I don’t think you understand how much frustration and how many hours it takes to get our blog running the way we want them to. Most bloggers start a blog with zero experience in web design so they have to teach themselves everything about how to design a website that is user-friendly and let me it isn’t easy.  The design of our website can make or break us because that can be the difference between getting new subscribers can losing subscribers!

Creating graphics-  I can’t stress enough how important it is to have catchy images in order to get more clicks. The truth is people that have catchy images get more clicks than ones that have no images but it is not as easy as going on Google and finding something that looks nice. You could be stealing somebody else’s’ photo and not have the legal right to using it and get in a lot of trouble for stealing. That can all be avoided by simply not going on Google and pulling any images you so please but instead find a stock photo or go on Canva and create your own. Editing and creating your own images can add an extra hour or two to the time it takes you to publish your blog but it is worth it in the end once you see people viewing your post.

Rewriting posts because of a technical glitch -Bloggers, have you ever spent hours writing a post but then WordPress is like Nah you don’t need that post and deletes itself giving you no way to get it back. Seriously, why even bother?  At first, I thought it was just me and maybe there was a problem with my computer or something but then I talked to other bloggers and they were experiencing the same problem. I have a pretty good memory but it’s not that good that I’ll remember an entire post after writing it. Some people may be irritated having to do something twice but if you have chronic pain there is nothing more frustrating because it’s barely doable. I have learned from this experience and don’t typically have just one copy of my blog post but usually type it in Microsoft Word first and then WordPress that way I don’t lose everything.

Commenting on other blogs- One of the best ways to get noticed as a blogger is by promoting your blogs well and commenting on other blogs! There are days when all we do is read other people’s blog posts but that is what you need to do to get noticed by larger brands and how you encourage others to visit and comment on your posts because people will be more likely to visit your blog if you did the same for them.

Research- There would be no blog posts if bloggers didn’t thoroughly research their topics so they gave you the best information possible! Some blog posts have extensive research behind it but without this research, our posts would be very poorly written and total garbage and no one would read them. You can’t get growth to your blog without your readers because without them you essentially are just talking to yourself.

When you start a blog you open yourself up to so many opportunities that you wouldn’t have had before you started a blog but to get these opportunities you have to work so hard! These opportunities often times just land in our laps we have to seek them out and grow our blog because the reality of it is smaller bloggers don’t have near as many opportunities as larger bloggers do. Brands just don’t want to work with bloggers that have less than one-thousands followers so it is difficult for the smaller ones to find someone to want to work with us. If you treat your blog like a job there is a chance you will one day make a full-time income but if you don’t you have little to no choice.

Bloggers wear many hats and content creation is just one of them but there are other jobs we do that most people don’t think about like networking, web design, and customer service. Most people don’t think bloggers as giving customers service because most of them aren’t selling anything but we are totally providing a service! We answer hundreds of emails, create new content, and respond to comments from people who are attacking us but we still figure out a way to stay professional and make everyone happy. If that is not customer service I don’t know what is! Depending on how big or small your blog is you will have more or less responsibility so these are not the responsibilities that all bloggers will have. Some of them may actually have less responsibility because they have a smaller following. These are just a few things that I do but I could not possibly list everything I do behind the scenes of my blog because the truth is it’s a lot! Bloggers, what responsibilities do you have that isn’t content creation?