How I Deal With Haters

When you start a blog or Youtube channel one of the biggest problems some content creators face is people sending them hate mail! As a content creator, you have to learn to accept that there is a possibility you could get hate mail but that doesn’t mean you will get it or make it any better when you do. When I started my blogging journey I was not a strong writer and had some experience with this and as a new blogger, it sometimes put me in tears because of some of the hurtful things people were saying, and because of that experience I almost shut my blog down. It saddens me people stoop to that level and attack the newbies by saying hurtful things just cause they can because it causes you to question your work when there is nothing wrong with it. If people are sending you hate mail just know you are not alone because it happens to a lot of content creators! If you can’t handle this don’t start a blog or Youtube channel because although it may slow down it won’t stop but if you just hit a rough patch here a few tips that may help get you through all the hate.

Don’t take it personally!- One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is that when people send them hate mail is that they are taking it too personally! Unless that person is my sister(my sisters don’t send me hate mail they are very supportive of my work) or I know that person on a personal level then I do not take whatever that person said as a personal attack. I used to get all worked up about these messages but then I remembered it’s just another person sitting at a computer screen doing the same thing that I am doing and the only difference is I am doing something that actually requires some skill and what they are doing has no skill or talent at all! People that send messages like this are being very childish and if you have nothing better to do with your time other than send blogger’s hate mail then you need to find something because it’s hurtful and we don’t have time for your childish games. If you do have to deal with this what I have found most effective is to not give people a reaction because that is what they want you to do and when you don’t react in the way they thought you would then it is not nearly as satisfying and it is likely they will stop.

Block them- Just like I can block you from Twitter, Facebook or Instagram I can also block you from my blog so you can’t access it! Don’t think I won’t because I totally will especially if you are always bringing me down because no one has time for that. You can also ban people from your Facebook page so they can’t access that either which I have also done for some people that don’t make me feel good about myself because it’s all about taking care of my mental health! If that starts to lack I won’t find joy in content creation anymore and I don’t know who I would be without my blog.

Don’t engage- If someone sends you a hateful message and everything they said is absurd then delete it and don’t engage! Sometimes people just send you hate mail just because they can and in my experience if you don’t engage with them often times they will stop because they will see you aren’t giving them the attention they wanted.

Hear them out- Without your readers, you would have no blog so when they reach out to you always hear them out and never blow them off!! Sometimes people will send you hurtful messages just cause they can but sometimes they are legitimately upset and it is your job to find out what is and to clear it up with them. If a message in one of your blog posts was taken wrong the last thing you want to do is immediately get on the defensive but what you want to do is try and clarify with that reader what you actually meant! If one of your readers took something wrong then who knows how many more people could have seen that message in the same way. This happens to all of us and there is no harm in it and it is really important that when it does that you do your best to calm your readers and explain to them what you really meant so no one is upset.

One of the realities of content creation is that everyone is not going to like you and sometimes they will send you hurtful messages just because they can. I wish I could tell you it gets better with time but it doesn’t and the more popular you get the worse it is! Comments like these may never go away but you will get better at handling them as time goes on. In the beginning, you may be a total basket case but after a few months of getting them, you may find it is getting easier and easier to handle them. I can just remember in the very first couple months of blogging someone telling me that I had poor writing skills and that I was never going to make it as a full-time blogger which hurt because I wanted it so bad and almost convinced me that blogging was not the right choice for me. Then I realized one thing I let that person get into my head and it doesn’t matter if I don’t make it as a full-time blogger I love what I do and that is all that matters. You are writing to the people that love your blog, not to the ones that hate it so show up for those people because no one else matters. Do you ever get hurtful messages from readers? What was your experience?

2 thoughts on “How I Deal With Haters

  1. I too choose to hear my critics out. More often than not, there’s always an opportunity to improve. But if what they’re spewing is straight up hate, then that’s a reflection of them, and not me. Thanks for this great post!

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    1. Your welcome, listening to feedback is an opportunity to grow and important to improve ourselves. If you are always on the self-defensive you will never get better so as long as you are kind and have good intentions I always welcome feedback!

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