Hi, all did everyone who celebrates it have a good Thanksgiving? How is it almost Christmas already where has the time gone? I feel like this year just started and now we are getting ready for Christmas! Now that Thanksgiving is over you might be thinking I ate way too much but it’s not over yet because we still have Christmas to think about and all of those holiday parties. The holidays can be stressful when you are trying to stick to your goals because there are temptations everywhere. Christmas is a joyous time of year and it doesn’t have to be stressful but if you eating more than should it may not feel that way. It can cause anxiety because everything you worked for all year could go to waste. If you are feeling stressed out because of those holiday parties I am going to teach you a few things you can do to recover if you eat a little too much.

Don’t stress over it-  For the last couple of years, I have been in a place that I like to call food jail!  Food jail is a place where you feel extreme guilt whenever you eat anything remotely unhealthy and overexercise because you feel guilty of all the food you just ate. For many years I not only was overexercising every time I ate dessert but was also getting really upset because I didn’t feel my body deserved it. Last Thanksgiving after the meal I got really emotional and that is when it hit me that I was unhappy and not living the life that I want and in order to find true happiness I needed to make a change before it became too difficult. Once your in that place it’s not easy to get out of but it is possible and once I was able to get in the right mindset what I tell myself so I don’t go back is just like you can’t get a full-body transformation by eating one salad you won’t lose all your progress by indulging at one meal. Don’t stress over it like I did for many years because that lifestyle is not a life you want to live! It’s okay to live a little and indulge every once and a while it will not kill you.

Try Pilates or yoga-  Sometimes after a big meal, people want to hit the gym to burn off all those calories. Working out is not a bad idea but if you feel super bloated it might be a good idea to stay away from high-intensity workouts like HIIT until you are feeling better. Doing high-intensity workouts when you feel super bloated might have the reverse effect and make you feel sick and worse than you did before you started so why not try something like Pilates or Yoga. I personally do Pilates before large meals and have found it helpful in controlling bloating and if I am feeling super bloated I will do one after a meal. I feel so much better after doing Pilates like I can move so Pilates has never failed me!

Try peppermint oil- Sometimes if I am super bloated and can barely move I will put peppermint oil on my stomach and will get relief in minutes. Before you do this always make sure you dilute the oil you are using with water and that it is safe to apply to your skin because not all of them are and sometimes it can be dangerous. If you don’t have peppermint oil, ginger, lemongrass, and chamomile essential oils also can help ease bloating.

Take a probiotic– If you are having any gastrointestinal distress because of a large meal taking a probiotic might help get your body back on track. Probiotics can be found in pill form and in many foods such as yogurts which will help improve your digestion and the absorption of your food.

Drink water-  I know a lot of people who don’t drink water because they claim they don’t need it or it doesn’t taste good. Personally, I don’t think water really tastes like anything so I wouldn’t say it tastes bad but if flavor, is something you’re after adding lemon or lime to your water can give it a little something extra. Yeah, you can probably can get away with never drinking water and having other beverages instead, but water is essential for your overall health so I wouldn’t avoid it. Drinking enough water can not only prevent constipation( I have had this problem before) but also can help with digestion after a large meal. If you are feeling super bloated drinking a large glass of water might not help but a small one might do some good!

If you would have asked me last year what to do when you need to much I would have told you to hit the gym but now as I look back it got me thinking that is not very good advice! The holidays can be stressful if you have goals you are trying to achieve before the new year but stressing out about not reaching them will not make you reach your goals any faster but will only make you even more stressed out. Yes, you can be set back a little bit because you ate a little too much at holiday parties but you know what that’s okay you can always get back on track in January! There is no need to do torturous workouts and go on highly restrictive diets because that will only make you unhappy and not a life you can keep up with or something you want to live. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself and live a little because it will not kill you! How do you recover after eating a large meal? I’d love to hear your tips please leave them in the comments below.