The Good And The Bad Gift Ideas For Migraineurs

Thanksgiving will be here is just a few short days and before you know it Christmas! Thanksgiving is late this year so some of us may have already begun our Christmas shopping so we can get it all done in time but sometimes when you have to shop for certain people it can be a little bit challenging. When you have a migraineur on your Christmas list it sometimes can be difficult to know what to get them if you personally have never experienced them because what may seem like a great gift might be a migraine trigger for some people. Every migraineur will have different triggers and what may be the perfect gift for one person may not be for someone else and I can’t give the ultimate list but what I can’t give you is a general idea of what might be a good idea to give your friends who suffer from migraines. If you are stumped by what to get your friends who have migraines today I am going to talk about a few good and bad ideas on what to get them.

Let’s start with the good

Pillows- Migraineurs especially chronic migraineurs have a love/hate relationship with sleep! Sometimes our migraines cause insomnia and we go weeks and sleep on average of three hours a night while others we are practically sleeping all day. How much we sleep can be the result of our medication or because we are in too much pain that we can’t fall asleep. When you have chronic migraines getting good quality sleep can be a challenge but it can be a little bit easier if we are in the right sleeping environment. Getting migraineurs pillows can help make them more comfortable so it will be easier for them to fall and stay asleep and not be woken up by pain because of an uncomfortable sleep environment. I have insomnia almost every night and although getting new pillows won’t entirely fix my problem uncomfortable pillows do play a huge role in my ability to get good quality sleep. New pillows are always a great gift to get a migraineur!

Noisemakers– Sometimes when you are trying to sleep the people around you are not and they are making a lot of noise! As a migraineur sleep deprivation can cause migraine so you want to do your best to try and get the appropriate amount of sleep. That can be difficult if you are trying to sleep but everyone else around you as a whole different idea. Investing in a noisemaker might help drown out some of that noise so you can get some sleep. Personally, I prefer just to have the fan on full blast to block out the noise because noisemakers keep me up so they would not be a good gift idea for me.

Migraine relief cap- Migraine relief caps found on Amazon may not be the most attractive thing in the world but can provide you some relief during an attack. Migraine relief caps give you a cooling effect and can help lessen the pain of a migraine. It’s like wearing an icepack on your head!

Essentials oils– Migraines can be frustrating and the only way to manage them is through prevention! Although many migraineurs do take medications to prevent their migraines our medication is not perfect so in addition to treating our pain we also use essential oils like peppermint oil to manage and prevent it. Essential oils won’t get rid of migraine pain but it can help you get less headaches if you use them regularly. Essential oils are always a good gift even if you don’t get migraines because they give you so many health benefits.

Coffee-  Along with my medication, I have personally found coffee helpful in preventing and controlling my migraines. Coffee is not the ultimate remedy and will not work for everyone but for some coffee might not be helpful at all but may, in fact, make their migraines worse. If you happen to know a migraineur on your Christmas list drinks coffee then gifting them their favorite coffee is a great idea but if you don’t then it might not be a good idea until you know for sure. Some migraineurs drink coffee to manage the pain but it is not uncommon for migraineurs to not drink it because it worsens the pain.

Movies/crafts- When migraines strike the last thing you want to do is sit at a computer and play games. So what can you do when a migraine strikes? I personally binge-watch movies and do some crafts because being on my computer blogging will only make it worse so I take a little social media break until the pain subsides.

Bath soap/self-care items- When you have frequent migraines self-care can be really difficult and sometimes it may start to lack. It is really important you try not to slack in self-care but sometimes pain gets the best of us and it gets put on the backburner. Self-care items such as bath soaps or massage gift cards can help remind us that we need to relax on bad pain days which is something we often forget when pain is high.

Now for bad 

Perfume/scented products- Perfume or scented products is probably one of the worst gift ideas you could get a migraineur. A lot of migraineurs have triggers to certain smells and if you gift them perfume you could trigger an attack. Personally, I do okay with lotion but if you gift me perfume I won’t even open it no matter how good it smells because it will almost immediately give me a headache which will turn into a migraine and the pain is just not worth a good smelling perfume.

Food items- Gifting someone a special treat might seem like it would be a good gift and it is but if that person is a migraineur it might not be as good of an idea as you may think. Just like migraines can be triggered by smells they can also be triggered by some foods and if you don’t know what those foods are you could be gifting someone a whole bunch of foods that could be a trigger and there is nothing more stressful than having a bunch of food that was gifted to you that will probably cause a migraine. Every migraineur has different food triggers and what triggers one migraineur may not trigger somebody else and it is always a good idea to be sure what someone’s triggers are before buying any food items. For me personally, when I eat a lot of chocolate or sweets in general, it can trigger a migraine so as long as you are not buying me a pound of it I will be okay!

Alcohol- Why you would ever think that getting chronic migraineurs alcohol would be a good idea is beyond me but I guess if you have never experienced a migraine it would just seem like a thoughtful gift and you wouldn’t see anything wrong with it. I understand that for a majority of your friends this might be a great idea but for those who have chronic migraines, this is most likely a trigger and a terrible gift idea for migraineurs. Before migraines whenever I drank a sugary alcoholic beverage like a Sangria I didn’t always feel so great afterward but now since having migraines my body can’t even tolerate it. I almost always get an immediate headache which will turn into a migraine no matter what it is so I try to avoid it at all costs! Unless someone is pressuring me to have a drink with them I usually don’t because the pain is just not worth it.

Buying gifts for migraineurs can be tricky because everyone’s pain is so different and what a good gift for one migraineur might not be a very good gift for another. You can never go wrong with self-care items such as bath soaps or essentials because we will always use them when we are having an attack or when we feel like one might be coming on. Since my next scheduled day to post is on Thanksgiving there will be no post so I can be with friends and family and they will resume on Monday. I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday and I hope you learned a thing or two about good and bad things to get migraineurs. If you have any questions about gift ideas for migraineurs please leave them in the comments below.

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