What Are My Strengths?

When you are disabled there is so much you struggle with and sometimes it can be difficult to see what you are good at. For some, they don’t see it at all and get depressed because they don’t think they are good at anything. Everyone has strength even disabled people! Disabled just may have different strengths than people because of some of the challenges we face. Many disabled people can’t join a sports team like many abled people can but we are good at other things that abled people may struggle. If you are disabled and having trouble seeing that I will show you a few of my strengths and hopefully that can help you figure out yours.

It takes alot for me to lose it-  Sometimes when I see my friend Karly or any of my friends of that matter going through something it hurts to see them in so much pain because I want to help but sometimes there isn’t much I can do or they have to work it out on their own. I am pretty good at giving my friends space when they need it and holding it together when it is most difficult. Sometimes it can be really difficult to hold it together when you see your friends are hurting because it’s natural to want to solve all their problems but sometimes you can’t and through those tough times you need to stay strong and I think I do a pretty good job a that. Maybe I don’t and my friends can see right through but I hope I do because I really do try.

Very Strong Core-  A strong core is essential for your physical health because it stabilizes your spine and prevents injury. A good structured core workout will work multiple muscle groups and improve your balance and stability so to improve mine I have been doing core workouts faithfully six days a week since 2011. When I started doing Pilates I had excruciating back pain and could not sit in a chair for more than half an hour because I had so much pain. I soon discovered that this pain was due to doing ab workouts improperly and weak abdominal muscles. After I started working out with Blogilates this pain slowly started to go away and eventually went away completely because my form got better and my abdominals got stronger. When I first started Pilates I could barely finish one video but now I can finish five easily and do a 1000 ab challenge as the warmup.  Don’t believe I can do this? If you know me personally just ask I will gladly do a demonstration because I would never write something that I could do but really couldn’t. That’s embarrassing!

Easily motivated- Sometimes bloggers have difficulty getting motivated to write posts but not me! I have the opposite problem! I have so many ideas that I can’t write them all fast enough. Ideas come to my head at hours I wish they wouldn’t and then when I actually go to write these posts I forget what I wanted to say.  Motivating myself to write posts has not been a problem for me because I love it so much.

Don’t care what others think- When you are disabled you have to get used to people staring, calling you names and saying things they probably shouldn’t. Some people don’t handle these things very well but for me personally, I don’t let it bother me. Unless someone I knew personally was saying something hurtful I don’t take it as a personal attack. They don’t know me and I refuse to let someone’s comment ruin my day because even though they said it doesn’t make it true.

Positive thinker- A couple of years ago I was in a very bad place and thought very negatively but through many podcasts, I got out of that place. I learned that although you cannot change your situation you can change how you react to it and until you change the way you think about a situation you will never be happy. I strive to try and turn negative situations positive and for me, that has helped me see the world in a whole different way.

Hide pain well- When you live with chronic pain you are in pain all the time! Whether or not it looks like a chronic pain sufferer is in pain they always are! I am always in more pain than I am letting on but you would never know that just by looking at me because, to be honest, I hide it really well and don’t like to complain about it. Unless I am at the doctor and they want to know my true pain levels I will not tell you what they really are because I just want to be treated normally and when you know my pain levels that will not be the case.  If I want you to know them I will tell you but otherwise, it’s is none of your business.  Pain is a fact of life and knowing my pain levels does not change anything so whether or not I decide to open up about my pain is entirely up to me.

As a disabled person, you may have different strengths than an abled person and that is okay. Everyone is good at different things and that is what makes us all unique and who we are! Don’t try and be someone else and practice a skill because everyone else is doing it and your friends say its “normal”. If you struggle with it then it’s not one of your strengths and whether your friends are doing it does not matter because that doesn’t mean you have to. Find what you are good at and what you enjoy and if it’s completely different from your friends and they have something to say about then you shouldn’t be hanging out with them. Friends will always stick together no matter what activity you are doing. Even though your strengths are different that doesn’t make your friend’s strengths better and should always be proud of how far you’ve come. What strengths do you have?

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