When you are disabled it can be difficult to find a workout and know what ones you should be doing. For that reason, many disabled people turn to fitness channels to help them get on track with their fitness journey. I have come across many phenomenal fitness channels that will get you results but I have also come across some duds that will not but may, in fact, get you injured. If you want results it’s very important that you are picky about your trainer or fitness channel that you use because if you’re not you’ll always feel stuck. I have been using fitness channels for many years and have gotten incredible results from them but I don’t use just any fitness channel. Some websites you should not be, using because sometimes the people who create them don’t have a clue about fitness and only want to make money. Using a fitness channel can be helpful in teaching you new ways to workout but there are some things you should look out for if you want to avoid injury.

Are they certified? Nowadays it’s so easy to create a blog or Youtube channel and make a living off of it without having any sort of degree or certification. It is great that there are so many opportunities to make money but at the same time, it has also made it harder to figure out who is legit and who just wants to make money. When you are trying to get in the best shape of your life it is important you find someone that knows what they are doing and aren’t just a fitness enthusiast because those people won’t be very helpful in giving you useful healthy lifestyle tips that you can incorporate in your lifestyle like an expert can. When choosing a fitness channel you need to find out one thing: Are they certified? If you can’t find anywhere on their Youtube channel or website that they are certified then they probably have something to hide and aren’t.  Most legit fitness channels make it very clear that that they are certified and have an easy way to contact them so if you are having trouble finding that information then that’s a serious red flag.

It’s all about those six-pack abs- Fitness should be all about teaching you how to have a healthy lifestyle but unfortunately, not all of them are and some of them just show off their abs and tell you that in order to be successful at achieving your fitness goals you must have a six-pack. There is nothing wrong with wanting six-pack abs but some people may not be able to get them because of disability or may not want them and if you follow someone that tells you to need to look a certain way to be considered attractive then it won’t make you feel confident in yourself if you can’t get to that goal. Fit looks different on everyone and you most certainly do not need to have a six-pack to be considered attractive. Every fitness channel will tell you how to get abs but not all of them will tell you that you need to have them but some of them will tell you that it’s okay not to want or have them and those are the ones you should be following. Fitness is about getting about get stronger not looking a certain way and if your trainer is telling you that then you need to find another.

Don’t tell you what muscle group you should be working- How many times have you done an exercise and felt it in an area you shouldn’t? I know I have and it can be very frustrating especially if you are trying to target a specific muscle group. Fitness channels are great for helping you be mindful of where you should feel it when you are doing certain exercises and correcting your form. Since I starting working out using YouTube videos I found my form is much better than it ever used but I would have never made that progress if my trainers never told me what muscle groups I should be working and where I should be feeling it. Before I started working out this way I struggled with finding a workout that targeted certain muscle groups because I always felt it in areas I shouldn’t.  Trainers that run Youtube channels should always tell you where you should be feeling it and what you should avoid in order to prevent injury and anyone that isn’t telling you that probably doesn’t know what they are doing and you should find someone who does.

Give you questionable nutrition advice- If you are struggling with knowing what foods to eat then going to a fitness channel might be a good option in helping you learn more about the importance of nutrition. Eighty percent of how you look and feel comes down to the foods you put in your body and if you are not eating the right types of food it can change your results. Most fitness channels will give you some sort of nutrition advice or recommend some product that will give you results but that doesn’t mean it is good advice. Sometimes the trainers that run these channels don’t have your best interest at heart and just want you to buy their expensive product but what most people don’t understand is that the expensive protein powder they are advertising is just as good as the almost identical cheaper product on Amazon. There is nothing wrong with buying a product from a fitness channel directly but if your trainer says that’s the only way to get in shape you need to stay away!  There are tons of ways to get in shape and you don’t need to go on crazy diets or buy expensive products to do it.

Do they charge insane amounts of money to use their service?- There are tons of free fitness channels such as Blogilates where you have access to all the workouts for free and new ones are uploaded every week so there are no excuses to not work out. There is nothing wrong with paying money for a workout program but you should have standards because some workout programs will be crazy expensive and won’t give you any better results than the free programs will. 

If you feel stuck in your fitness journey then going to fitness channel maybe what you need to get out of that plateau.  Not all fitness channels are creating equal and you want to make sure you know the values of that website before using them. If they have the wrong message and are not taking the right approach to fitness but are teaching you that you need to look a certain way it can dangerous and cause more problems like self-confidence issues! If you need the guidance of a fitness channel to get you back on track find someone that is supportive of your goals, not someone who is trying to change you. You may need a little help with getting back on track of your goals but you don’t need someone telling you that your not good enough and that you need to change. Have you used fitness channels? What is your experience?