Things You Are Doing That Is Making A Disabled Person’s Life Harder

When you are disabled there are some things you are more aware of than abled person is because you have to be. Since abled people don’t struggle as much as people with physical disabilities sometimes they make the life a person with a physical disability harder with realizing it. A disaster can happen to anyone but a disabled person will most likely not be as quick to respond because of some of the physical challenges they face. There are some things we can change about our disability but there are some things you can do to make our lives easier. Today I am going to talk about what you can do if you’re not already to make the life of a disabled person easier.

Not screwing on lids-  When you don’t screw the lid on a jar all the way it may not seem like a big deal to you but to someone who faces physical challenges it can be a huge frustration! Bending don’t and picking something up is not as easy for someone who has physical challenges and for some it may not even be an option and if they drop something they may not be able to pick it up themselves and have to wait for someone else. Glass jars with lids are really dangerous for a disabled person not because they are difficult to handle but because if they aren’t screwed on tight it can be a mess! We can’t always clean stuff up as easily but you can help us out by simply screwing on lids.

Leaving your messes- One of my biggest pet peeves is when abled people spill something and walk away and don’t clean it up at all or don’t thoroughly dry it! If only I could help you understand how much harder you are making my life when you don’t dry your messes you may make more of an effort to dry them. It can be scary when an abled person falls causing injury but it can be a lot scarier when a physically disabled person falls. We don’t have as much control and can’t prevent as many falls as you can so our injuries could become more serious and put us out for quite a while if we break a bone. You can help decrease the likelihood of us getting severely hurt by simply telling us when it is wet and making sure you thoroughly dry up your spills!

Creating an obstacle course- When you leave things in the middle of the walkway and a disabled person has to find a way to walk around it can be really challenging for them! If there is no reason you need to have stuff if the middle of the room then move it and make it easier for a disabled person to move around. When an abled person trips it can be annoying but when a disabled person trips they may not be able to get back up. Help us out by leaving a clear path because things can go wrong really fast and we don’t always have the control to prevent falls like an abled person does. Some people may not have the same amount of muscle control as an abled person and falling can be quite serious for some people.

Keeping things out of reach- One of the biggest frustrations of a disabled person especially one who lives with a house full of abled people is when things you use every day are out of reach.  My family has gotten better with this but the reality of it is you cannot fully modify your home if you still live with your parents because you have other people to consider. You can only make reasonable modifications and ones that your family will approve of but sometimes that isn’t enough to make your life significantly easier. You may not be able to do a full renovation of your home but one of the ways you can help make our lives easier is by simply putting things we use everyday low where we can reach them. If we have to jump through a bunch hoops to get a cereal bowl we will most likely either never eat cereal and opt for something else. There nothing I want badly enough that I will be willing to risk an injury for because there is always another option!

Disabled people struggle with so much on a day to day basis and it’s really not that hard to make their lives just a little bit easier! If you don’t have a disability you will not know what is easy and what isn’t but the good news is it doesn’t take much to figure out and all it really takes is a little common sense and communicating with disabled people! We don’t expect you to know everything about your disability but we do expect you to try and make an effort so our lives are as easy as possible. Nothing is more frustrating than taking a task that is already difficult and adding an obstacle to it! If you have a disability what things do people make harder for you that they aren’t necessarily trying to make harder? Your peers may be making your life harder but if they don’t know what you need then they may not be aware that life is harder. Educate them because you are the one with the disability and nothing is going to change until you do. If you have any questions about things that could make a disabled’s person’s life harder please leave them in the comments below. 

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