Things You May Not Know About Me

Opening up to people has always been really hard for me because of my anxiety and even if you know me personally I don’t generally open up to you until I feel that we have some sort of bond and that I can trust you. It doesn’t take much for me to lose that trust but if you genuinely care I will get there it just make take some time. With that said because I don’t typically open up to people, there may be some things you may not know about me. Today I thought it would be a good time to share some of those things.

I have had more failed friendships than successful ones-  I have had many friends throughout my life but to be honest most of them weren’t real friends and did not make me feel good about myself. For the longest time, I had a friend that got jealous of Karly and I’s friendship and told me I had to choose between the two if I wanted to make it work. Can you guess who I chose? Yep, that’s right I chose Karly because she made me feel good about myself. You are going to meet people that feel like everything is a competition and that is okay if you can’t get through to them that it’s not then it’s not meant to be. The people that truly want to be a part of your life won’t just be there when it’s most convenient but will always be there no matter what. Be there for the people that truly want to be part of your life because no one else really matters.

I never imagined myself blogging- When I was in school I didn’t do that much writing because I was told that writing and grammar weren’t important and that I would never use it so blogging is one of the last things I would ever think I’d get into.  A couple of years ago I considered starting a Youtube channel but never actually followed through so if anything else I would think I’d be a Youtuber, not a blogger.

I have been called a failure more times than I can count– If you were to call me a failure I wouldn’t be phased by it because I have been told that so many times but I would probably say something like” Yep I am a failure”. I wouldn’t actually believe that but calling someone a failure is very childish and the only thing you can do in that situation is to not get upset. It is likely that the person who called you failure only said that because they want to see how you would react. If you don’t give them that reaction it will be more meaningful because you are not acting in the way they thought you would.

I hate strength training- Strength training for me is pure torture and I don’t do it as much as I should! I enjoy doing abs because there is so much you can do to work your core that is not situps that I find it kind of fun to experiment with the many different ways. I am not in that place with strength training and in order for me to motivate myself to do it, I need to reward myself afterward to give me that motivation to do it. I love chocolate milk so whenever I strength train I have that and it has helped motivate me to get it done! I used to strength train maybe once a month but now I am finding I am easily able to get it done at least twice a week sometimes more depending on my pain levels.

Won’t promote products I haven’t tried- Bloggers are often approached by brands to promote a product and are paid to do it! I will gladly promote a product if you are paying me but I will not promote a product I don’t feel will benefit me or my audience. I don’t care how much you are paying me to promote a product if I don’t find it useful I will not promote it. I feel like that is false advertising and I hate false advertising! There will always be other opportunities so there is no need to promote a product a bunch of useless products that I would never use. Your readers can see right through that and for me it’s not worth promoting a product if you are going to lose followers over it.

I only like to listen to music on headphones- When I listen to music on a speaker I get bored so you will never see me doing that. Listening to music on headphones keeps me entertained and it gets me in the mood to dance! Yes, I do dance it’s my form of cardio I just don’t show anyone my dance moves because I am kind of embarrassed about how terrible they are.

I can’t work out without cleaning my room-  It’s kind of a weird quirk of my mine but I can’t focus on my workout if my bed isn’t made and my room isn’t clean. Pilates takes a lot of concentration and if I can’t stop thinking about how I forgot to make my bed it throws my focus off and in Pilates, you need that focus if you want to avoid injury. I don’t try to overcome this because, to be honest, it’s not a bad trait to have.

I have major anxiety attacks if I go too long and don’t do Pilates- Pilates brings me so much joy I have no problems getting it in five to six days a week! With that said Pilates has helped me control my anxiety so if I skip it too much I have major anxiety attacks.

I have no interest in doing anything else other than Pilates–  There are many forms of exercise that I could do that would probably burn more calories but to be honest I have no interest in trying any of them. It took me a long time before I found something that I really enjoyed doing and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Creating my own routines and doing Pilates brings me so much joy and there is nothing else that would bring me as much joy as Pilates does. I don’t work out because I feel like I have to but because I want to and if I did anything else it would feel like it’s a chore and I would lose that feeling!

I don’t generally call people out- Unless you have asked me specifically to call you out when you are using terms like crippled or wheelchair-bound I won’t say anything to you when you are using them. Yes, I do notice and cringe every time I hear these words but you wouldn’t know how much it bothers me because I never say anything. I have heard family and friends use these terms and they probably don’t think anything of it but for me, it’s like nails on a chalkboard! If you want me to help improve your vocabulary by calling you out every time you use terms you shouldn’t I’d be more than happy to do so but you have to ask because otherwise, I will just keep my thoughts to myself. I hate it when people call out for the stupidest things because it makes me feel like I am being put on the spot so I will never do it to somebody else.

I don’t open up to just anyone-  If I feel like you are always being nosey and interrogating me to get information I will never open up to you. Having many failed friendships has given me a lot of anxiety and made trusting people difficult so I won’t give you my whole life story the day we meet but I will get there eventually if I feel that you genuinely care. It takes time and if I have opened up to you that means I trust you and the only way to keep that trust is to not force me to tell you information. The only time that it may be okay is if you feel I am harming myself and are severely depressed because in those instances I may actually need help to move forward.

How many of these things did you already know about me? I tried to come up with things that I didn’t think you already knew so hopefully you learned a thing or two. If you knew all of these things then congratulations that must mean we have a special sort of bond!  What things would you like to know more about me? I weirdly find it easier to open up on my blog than in person so if there is something you want to know about me please don’t hesitate to ask. If there is anything else you would like to know about me to get to know me better please leave them in the comments below.

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