A Few Things My Disability Has Taken From Me

A Few Things My Disability Has Taken From Me

My Rockin Disabled Life

Hi friends, my name is Sarah and I live with Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, migraines, and many other chronic conditions. My mission is to help you become the best version of yourself while living with a disability because although sometimes you may feel alone you are not!

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  1. ben Alexander – David Bogomolny was born in Jerusalem to parents who made Aliyah from the USSR in the mid-70's. He grew up in America, and returned to Israel as an adult. He works for Hiddush - Freedom of Religion in Israel. He and his wife and daughter live in Jerusalem.

    ben Alexander

    Thank you for being so open. You are providing a lot of insight to people who would otherwise have difficulty fully comprehending what your daily life is like. This is a real service to others.

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