Selfcare is extremely important for your mental health and it’s crucial that we make time for it!  Often times we spend more time trying to improve the lives of others than we take for ourselves and although there is nothing with wanting to help someone in need and you should want to do that but never taking time for yourself can and will take a toll on your mental health. Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated or take three hours and when you live with chronic pain that is really important! It is not healthy to never take time for yourself so today I am going to give you a few simple tips on ways you can take better care of yourself so you can be the best version of yourself!

Stop giving your body degrading names-  Have you ever heard of the terms bingo wings, love handles, or thunder thighs? I bet you have because I don’t know anyone who hasn’t but just in case you haven’t they are just negative terms people use to identify certain muscle groups for when they are trying to tone up. One important lesson I learned from Cassey(creator of Blogilates) is to never give your body degrading names like bingo wings or love handles but instead give it some love and focus on strength. After I graduated high school I was very concerned with my weight and would pinch the fat on my body and every spare minute I had would think about all the workouts I should be doing but wasn’t. Changing the way I viewed my body and talked about it has helped me get out of that place of wanting to be someone else. You can always make improvements on your body and there is no such thing as the “perfect body” and until you realize that you will always be searching for something better that may or may not exist.

Prayer- Quiet time is an important aspect of self-care and as Christian, I do that through prayer! A lot of my life is made public but some things I am not comfortable publicizing and prayer allows me to really think about those things and really evaluate what is going on in my life spiritually. Life can get hectic so I need to make take for this or I would go crazy! 

Journal-  Blogging isn’t for everyone! Some people may not feel comfortable talking about their lives and/or feelings and posting them online and that is okay.  If blogging is not your cup of tea you should never use that as an excuse to bottle up your feelings until you can’t take it anymore. Writing your feelings in a journal can be kind of like blogging but a little more private and without the added stress of thousands of people reading your posts and possibly judging them. 

Feed your body good nutrition-  Your body is not garbage can and should not be treated in such a way.  When you feed your body good nutrition that makes you feel powerful you are honoring and respecting your body for what it should be. I know life can be hard sometimes and it can be tempting to eat everything in sight but as crazy as this sounds feeding your body good nutrition during these times may actually help you get results and feel better.

Make time for physical activity- When you think of exercise some people don’t think of it as self-care but it is because you are taking care of your body and if you are able you want to make time for it! Even if it’s only for five minutes that is better than nothing at all and before you know it you will be doing an hour. Physical activity so important for your overall wellness so if you can make it a priority and stop putting it on the backburner.  If your disabled and can’t work that’s okay find something else that you can do to destress in replace of physical activity. 

Make yourself feel beautiful- When you have nowhere you have to be sometimes it can be tempting to just sit at home in your PJs all day. If body confidence is a struggle for you then don’t just sit there in your PJs all day but do something about it. Find a nice outfit and for you ladies out there put some make-up on to build that self-confidence. These simple changes will make you feel pretty and is a huge part of self-care. Personally, I don’t go all out and put makeup on because I don’t have the energy to do to many things because of chronic pain so I just stick to getting dressed! Boost your confidence and make yourself feel pretty it’s a lot simpler than you think!

Taking time for yourself is so important for your mental health! Even if it’s only five to time minutes a day of reading your favorite book sometimes that is all you need. Implement these tips and you can change the way you look at self-care because the reality of it is it doesn’t have to be complicated or involve you going to the spa for a day because not everyone has time for that. Are you guilty of doing more for others than you do for yourself? I know through this blog I am and I find myself working on this blog than I am doing other things but I am working on trying to change that and make time for other things in my life. How do you manage self-care? I’d love to hear your self-care tips please leave them in the comments below.