There is no secret that positive people are more fun to be around but to be honest sometimes it’s hard to be positive. Bad things happen to good people every day sometimes it just isn’t fair! Unfortunate events happen to more to some people than others and we often ask ourselves why? I can’t give you an answer to that but what I can tell you is that when these things keep happening to you it can be hard to stay positive. What’s the point of being positive if these things keep happening to you? Positivity can help you through a difficult situation so today I am going to give you a few ways on how you can stay positive through those difficult times.

Think about all the positives-  When you are going through a tough time it can be tough to stay positive but you aren’t making it any easier by focusing on all the negatives. Stop focusing on all the negatives and start thinking about the positives of your situation. If you are one to say there is nothing positive about your situation I am here to tell you you need to look at it in a different way because you can always find something positive even in a really bad situation. It can be something small like you have a family to go home to or have a job that you love there is nothing that is too small. If you are struggling to see this I have a little exercise for you, make a list of three positive things that have come of your situation, and put in somewhere where you can see it every day. This list will remind you that even though things are tough you can always find good in any situation.

Who do you hang out with?-  I want you to take a minute and think about your circle of friends. Are they supportive? How to feel after you hang out with them? Do you feel good about yourself? The people you hang around have more of an impact on how you look and see yourself than most people realize and hanging around the wrong people can have a huge impact on your self-esteem. I had a friend who always criticized my physical appearance and to this day it has seriously affected my self-confidence. If I only realized how much this was affecting my self-confidence I would have done something about it much sooner. When your friends aren’t making your smile then talk to them about it and if you still aren’t getting a good feeling then part ways! Having negative friends is not worth the long term stress when there are other people out there that will be much more supportive of your goals.

Stop shaming yourself- I’ll let you in on a little secret for the longest time I would refuse to say anything positive about myself. If someone called me beautiful I would agree with them but I didn’t really believe it for the longest time. Then I realized one thing your mind will believe anything you want it to.  When you are continually saying negative things about yourself you will start to believe it and it will affect your self-esteem. Stop being so hard on yourself and don’t feed your mind this negativity! Say positive mantras daily and remind yourself of all your strengths until you are able to train your brain to think more positively.

Stop comparing yourself to others- Sometimes when we see our friends excel at careers we always wanted it can make us envious of their success and start comparing our lives to theirs. We are all on our own journey and comparing your life to somebody else’s will only make you more depressed so stop doing it! What do you gain by being envious of someone who is making more money than you or got that promotion first? Nothing! Make your own goals and crush them and stop looking at the life of your peers and thinking to yourself “I wish I had their life”. Be happy for them don’t sit there and wish it was you getting all their success! If you can’t be happy for someone else when they achieve something then why should they be happy for you when you accomplish something great?

Find positive mentors- I don’t follow many people on social media because the truth is I am very picky about who I follow. Just like having negative friends will have an impact on your self-confidence following people on social media that annoy you will also have an impact. Don’t take advice from people you don’t look up to or wouldn’t want to trade places with but instead find people that inspire and that are in a place you want to be. Then implement those tips into your lifestyle for a happier you.  You can’t do this alone!

If you truly want to change and be positive I’ll let you in on a little secret on how to do that. You have to be able to be happy for others, stop focusing on all the negative, and for heaven’s sake you cannot compare your life to somebody else’s! If you can do those three things you are going in the right direction of having a positive mindset but if you can’t you still have some work to do. Bad things happen to good people in ways I can’t explain why but if you can just see past all the negatives you will be so much happier. You may not be able to change the situation but you can change how you think about it. How do you stay positive when times get tough?