I Deleted All My Personal Accounts! Why?

Just before I went on vacation I deleted all my personal social media accounts and lots of people of been wondering why? Blogging can take more time than most people realize and when you have personal accounts you have to manage your time wisely because if you take on too much your blog will suffer.  I don’t have very much free time outside of blogging so I made the decision to delete on my personal social media accounts to free up some free time. At first, some people may have been upset or confused by this decision but I promise there was a reason and I didn’t do it to be difficult so today I will explain what led me to make that decision.

I started having memory problems- Imagine having pain so bad it feels like you have the flu. Yep, that is what it feels like on a high pain day! Your body aches you have migraines that make your entire face hurt, coughing every five minutes, and chest pains. Am I sick? It’s impossible to know right away so I can’t start taking Mucinex the day I start coughing! Luckily this usually doesn’t last more than a day or two so I know pretty quickly if I am coming down with something. I get pain like this at least twice a week and let me tell you it’s awful! Pain like this not only affects you physically but also your memory so keeping passwords to a minimum can be helpful.

I have been told to write down my passwords to help me remember but the one thing I won’t write down are passwords!  I feel it isn’t secure because all it takes is thirty seconds of leaving your laptop open or dropping that piece of paper and your information could fall into the wrong hands. If you struggle with remembering things resetting all your passwords can be a hassle and more difficult than most people. It still always possible to get hacked if you don’t write anything down but it won’t be as easy. If you have had problems in the past changing your passwords from time to time and making sure they are strong may help make it more difficult.

I wanted to have everything in one place- When memory is a problem it’s easier to have everything in one place! Blogging is my life and managing both personal and blog accounts that I wasn’t using was taking up the little free time I did have and it was just too much causing me to be very stressed. Having everything in one place makes it easier to keep track of everything because at the end of the day everyone who connects with me on my personal accounts will follow me wherever I go.

It’s easier to build a community- When you are going back and forth between your personal and blog accounts it can be difficult to build a community. Figure out what your priorities are! If you are trying to do everything all at once you will eventually become burnt and one of your accounts will be forgotten. Most likely it will be your personal accounts because as much as we’d like to do everything, unfortunately, we can’t. What’s important to you? Is it making your blog a career? For me, it was focusing on my blog and not trying to do everything all at once, and when I did that everything changed!

Do I regret deleting my personal accounts? Nope! Not a day goes by and do I think to myself man I shouldn’t have done that.  Maybe one day if my blog gets big enough and I can build a team then adding my personal account back might be a possibility but for now, it’s not an option. I am kind of liking not having the extra work so even if I am able to expand one day it’s doubtful I will add back my personal accounts.  Don’t get me wrong I do have a personal life that I do not share I just don’t have a bunch of extra social media accounts for personal use.  Do you have personal accounts that are not connected to your blog? Do you think I right for deleting my personal accounts or should I have kept them? I’d love to know your thought please leave them in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “I Deleted All My Personal Accounts! Why?

  1. It’s a bold move, and it’s something I think more people are doing with taking social media breaks or coming off altogether. My memory has taken a hit over these last few years as well and even though the password remembering tech on Google when on my laptop is great, it’s rubbish when it doesn’t work or a password isn’t remembered on your phone and you have to reset all your bloody passwords… I’ve had to do that so many times already this month alone. You’re right with how much time it takes, too. Sounds like some solid reasoning behind your decision! xx

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    1. Yes, I think that more people are either not using social media or coming off of it altogether. If you are a content creator you already have so much you need to manage that there is no time to have extra accounts. It’s so easier to have everything in one place!

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