How To Blog Growth During Slow Season

Summer is a joyous time of year because we get to spend more time with our families! For many bloggers, it is also a very stressful time because people are out having fun and not reading our posts that we have poured our heart and soul into. Our blogging schedules remain the same, and the quality of our content is still good so what are we doing wrong and how can we fix it? Blogs fluctuate at certain times of the year and sometimes your stats are lower for no reason at all. Don’t panic this happens to everyone and will not last forever and will pick up at some point! If you are trying to build a career out of blogging it can be frustrating when your views tank for no reason so today I am going to give you a few tips on how you can improve your page views for when your blog is not doing so well. Low page views can be discouraging because no one like to see them tank!

Write what’s relevant-  One of the best ways you can increase your page views is to write about what’s relevant to the current season! People always want to hear about ways to stay cool during the summer months or your favorite vacation spots so why not write about them! It can be hard to figure out what your readers want if they aren’t telling you anything and that is why it is so important to study your stats because it will help you figure out what your readers want so you can improve your pageviews! If you aren’t giving readers relevant content and what they want to read your audience will never grow. Always be mindful of that and pay attention to what posts do well and what ones don’t.

Update old blog posts-  After bloggers write a post often times we get so busy with doing other things with our blogs we forget to update old content without realizing how much it can help bring in new readers. Updating old content can really help you increase your page views because sometimes information in old posts can be outdated and because of that you will rank lower on google! It will be seen as low-quality content so it will not make it on the first page of google and as a blogger that is what you want.  Bloggers read through your old posts and see if you can update anything because that will help you increase your website rankings and have your blog posts seen by more readers!

Read other blogs- If you want to get noticed you can’t wait until people comment on your blog but you also have to comment on other blogs! Having people comment on your blog is super important but if you don’t comment on other blogs no one will know you exist and you will have a very hard time growing your audience. Read other blogs and leave a genuine comment on them because networking is a huge part of blogging and what will help you grow your audience. Don’t leave comments like great post because that is not genuine and you might well just like it! Most bloggers will not visit your blog for comments like that so if you are trying to get more readers then keep your comments genuine!

Make promotion a priority – One of the things that most bloggers neglect doing is promoting old posts! After you publish a post that does not mean you are done with it because in order to get your blog seen by more readers you need to continually promote your blog! Creating content is important but promoting is more important because if you neglect doing it then no one will know you exist. It times of struggle make sure you are promoting your blog well because you never know who will see your blog and how many people it will reach!

Promote your friend’s posts- When you promote other bloggers’ posts they will most likely return the favor so take a few minutes and share your friend’s posts!

Write quality content- Sometimes when pageviews are down bloggers go into panic mode and don’t know what to do next. Their first thought is maybe if I just start creating more content I will draw in more readers! No creating more content is not the answer it’s all about making more high-quality posts because no one wants to read something you whipped up in five minutes and put no thought into. Improving your pageviews is important but if you don’t make it a priority to make more high-quality content your readers will lose interest and you will have a hard time growing your audience.

Delete content that didn’t do well– If a post has gotten less than twenty page views in the last six months then delete it! It is probably not a topic that is of interest to your readers and keeping it there will not help you but may, in fact, hurt your website rankings. I recently started deleting blog posts that haven’t done so well and it skyrocketed my pageviews! Keeping blog posts up that no one is reading is holding you back so if you have a couple of those delete them you will see major changes!

Summertime is a rough time for some bloggers but there is no reason to go into panic mode! Creating more low-quality posts is not the answer to improving your pageviews but doing it this way may actually backfire! Your readers don’t care how many posts you are creating but the quality of them. Posts you whipped up in five minutes and put no thought into will not do as well than posts that took eight hours so take your time or you will struggle. Pageviews are important to growing a blog but it will never grow if you are creating low-quality content that you don’t even like! You won’t feel stuck forever so stop obsessing over the numbers and learn how you can make your blog better! Do you feel your blog suffers during summertime? What have you done to help grow your blog during the slow season?

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