How To Create A Fitness Routine When You’re Disabled

Finding a fitness routine when you are abled is difficult but when you are disabled it can be even more challenging. For that reason, some disabled people don’t work out because it’s such a hassle. Sometimes a disabled person will put more effort into finding the right workout routine and less time enjoying the process! For some, it can take hours to find the right workout and most people just don’t have that much time to dedicate to creating a workout routine. Fitness is important for both abled and disabled people and although workouts are a little more challenging when you are disabled that doesn’t mean you should avoid them. Today I am going to give you a few simple tips on what you can do if you are struggling to find a workout routine.

Youtube is your best friend- My life forever changed when I typed in extreme abs on YouTube because that is when I found Blogilates and realized how out of shape I really was. Before Blogilates I hated working out and was almost to the point where I was going to quit but since then I have learned you can make fitness fun! When you have a physical disability you will face many challenges while working out and because of that many people don’t want to be bothered by it. Not all disabled people will benefit from going to a gym and the good news is you don’t have to! There are tons of free fitness channels run by certified personal trainers on Youtube that will get you the same results that you would get in a gym. The great thing is if you are physically disabled and unable to work out certain muscle groups you can simply just search for a specific body focus and find more workouts you can do than you ever would have imagined. No more excuses!

Fitness apps- When you are physically disabled and are limited to a lot of exercises sometimes you struggle with creating a workout routine that is somewhat bearable! Fitness apps like Sworkit are great if you are physically disabled because they have over four-hundred exercises you can choose from and give you the ability to customize your workout. When you are physically disabled not all exercises will be possible for you so this feature is necessary! Personally, I feel that I benefit more from Youtube videos because I feel Youtube videos are more engaging and easier to follow. I have tried a lot of fitness apps so they are beneficial if you are physically disabled and struggling with finding a workout routine they just aren’t for me.

Hire a trainer- If you feel stuck while working out and are in a financial situation where you can hire a trainer then it could be beneficial to do so.  Creating a fitness routine when you have limitations can be difficult because often times you don’t know where to start. Hiring a personal trainer may help you overcome some of these obstacles because they will push you farther than you would push yourself and will be able to create a fitness routine for you that best suits your needs.

Walk-   Whether you are a full-time wheelchair user or walk with crutches starting a workout routine that is slightly less intense like walking can be really beneficial for your health. Taking a short five to ten-minute walk may not seem like much but if you are disabled it can really help improve your endurance and give you more energy throughout the day! Start with something simple because you can always add to it as you get stronger. Taking on too much at once will lead to burn out so if you are new to physical fitness start with something simple and then progress from there.

Strength train- Don’t ever overlook the power of strength training because it will give you many benefits! Strength training increases your muscle mass so you look toned and improves your cardiovascular health. If you are disabled and can’t do much of anything else strength training is the way to go because you have so many choices! If you are just starting weightlifting I would suggest starting with a lightweight because you can always get something heavier if it’s too light but if you get something too heavy it’s not always as easy to go back down. Sometimes people will be hesitant to lift heavy weights because they are afraid of looking like the incredible hulk but luckily that’s not true. Lifting a weight that is slightly heavier will not make you have Arnold Schwarzenegger arms but in order for that to happen, you have to lift extremely weights for a long period of time and eat a lot. (sometimes take steroids). You will become more toned by weightlifting so even if it’s only a few reps do not fear it because there is nothing to worry about!

When you have a disability working out can seem complicated and take a lot of planning but it doesn’t have to be! Working out with disability may take a little more planning but it doesn’t have to be a day event because no one has time for that. Spending too much time planning a workout takes the fun out of working out because by the time you have planned your workout and are ready to go you are exhausted from planning it that you don’t really want to do it.  There is no such thing as the perfect workout and putting all your effort into finding the perfect one will make you lose interest because you will soon realize it doesn’t exist. You can always improve your fitness level by making your workouts easier or harder so just get moving! Fitness can be fun you just have to think outside of the box sometimes so stop telling yourself every aspect of fitness is boring because it’s not true! I love my fitness routine and wouldn’t do anything else unless I had to. How do you stay active?

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