How To Lose Weight When You’re Disabled

When you are abled sticking to a weight loss plan is difficult but when you have limited mobility it is even more difficult. People with limited mobility may not be able to work out the same way as an abled person can if at all so losing weight is really difficult and may take you twice as long to get where you want to be and for that reason, most people with limited mobility don’t even bother trying or give up too soon after starting their weight loss journey. When I was in high school I gained about twenty to thirty pounds and although that may not seem like much when you have limited mobility that extra weight can make all the difference in the world whether you realize it or not and make your life twice as hard. Taking control of my life wasn’t easy but it was a top priority for me so today I thought I’d share a few things I did to make that happen.

Join a community– Blogilates is not just a bunch of workout videos it’s a community of people who support each other during their fitness journey. When I was in high school I was very self-conscious of the way that I looked(still am) that I only ate one meal a day thinking that would help me lose weight. After I graduated from high school I realized that was not helping and I started exercising but because I was so obsessed with getting fit I became terrified of carbs and every time I ate something remotely unhealthy I’d workout. Blogilates got me out of that place so don’t ever underestimate the power of online communities!

Working out and having proper nutrition go hand in hand and if your overtraining and not fueling your body well you will become very exhausted and you will be unable to complete your workouts and may wonder why. Proper nutrition gives you the energy so you can complete your workouts and when you’re not fueling your body properly you cannot perform as effectively and may hit what may seem like a plateau. If you are struggling with staying on track of your fitness goals find a community like Disabled Diva’s Fitness Buddies to help you get back on track.

Write it down,- Not all disabled people will benefit from fitness communities because some people can’t work out and who wants fitness challenge notifications if you can’t ever do them. I know I sure don’t! Write down everything you eat because sometimes we don’t eat as healthy as we think we do and writing it down will make you become more aware and hold your yourself accountable for all your mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes and it’s okay as long as you recognize the mistake and are actively trying to change and get better then you are doing all you can.

Start a weightloss plan- Sometimes the reason you may not be able to lose weight is that you may legitimately think you are eating healthy but actually are not. Trying a weight loss plan like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem may help you learn a thing or two about nutrition. For me personally, I struggle with staying motivated with my fitness goals and would not benefit from any plans that did not have a health coach to help me stay motivated. Get to know yourself so you will have an idea of what you’ll need to be successful because there are so many good plans out there that will give you results if you just follow them. If you don’t know what plan is right for you then write down your goals and figure out what realistically, makes sense for your lifestyle and if you still don’t know just try one and if it doesn’t work out then you can always try something else.

Make small changes- When your disabled making drastic dietary changes like going dairy-free may not be an option. If you are trying to lose weight but know drastic dietary changes will inconvenience someone else then make small ones. Instead of going for the pretzels have an apple or make a salad. Small changes you make every day will add up to big results.

Get moving- Working out is more difficult when you have a physical disability but if you are able it’s so important you find something you enjoy and make it a priority. Whether it’s pilates, yoga, weightlifting or going on a short walk that movement will help you feel better and fire up your metabolism. Finding the right workout can be difficult but will make all the difference in the world so, get creative it doesn’t have to be what your friends are doing or even remotely similar.

Be mindful of your portion control- How many times have you eaten an entire bag of chips in one sitting? I know I’ve done it (as for most people) but if you’re trying to lose weight you have to be mindful of your portion control. Measure everything out from how much salad dressing you are going to use to how many chips you plan on eating. Mindless eating really can set back your weight loss efforts because more often than not you are consuming more calories than you think. Pay attention to what you are eating and how much you are consuming and your hard work will not go unnoticed.

Don’t drink your calories– An occasional sugared drink is not going to kill you but, don’t make it a daily habit. Sugared drinks add more calories than you realize so make sure you’re mindful of that and yes that includes coffee creamer!

Cheat meal, not a cheat day– Personally, I don’t do cheat days but do cheat meals. Cheat days can mess you up for the week ahead and set you back if you’ve been working hard which can be discouraging and frustrating. Rewarding yourself for your hard work is so important but don’t make a day out of it.

Losing weight is hard with a physical disability but with hard work and dedication, it is possible. If you can’t work out it may take you longer to get results but don’t give up you will never get them by giving up. Some things take time and patience so before you give up on something make sure you are giving yourself enough time. These are just a few things that helped me get to my goal weight and by no means am I an expert on nutrition or weight loss and everything written in this post should be used for informational use only and never substituted for professional advice. If you have questions about my weight loss journey please leave them in the comments below

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