How To Stay Well During Cold And Flu Season

No one likes to take time off of work because of something like the flu and unfortunately, most people don’t take time off when they are sick because they can’t afford to and may want to use those sick days as added vacation time. Longer vacations are always nice but if you are sick all the time and have used all your sick days longer vacations will not be an option so you may have to opt for a shorter vacation. Catching a cold when you are trying to save your sick days can be frustrating but no one is immune. I only get sick once every couple of years so today I thought I’d share with you my tricks on how I stay well and prevent most common colds because even when I get sick it very rarely needs to be treated with antibiotic.

Sweat it out- Personally, for me, I’ve never been a fan of sleeping when you start to feel sick because more often than not that will cause me to get sick. Instead, if I’m feeling up to it I sweat it out because nine times out of ten if I catch a cold early enough you can fight it before it starts. It’s really important you listen to your body and if you feel awful or are running a fever then it may be too late and I don’t recommend trying this. Listen to your body and if it says rest then rest because you aren’t doing yourself any favors by not resting. Light exercise such as yoga can be beneficial to do when your sick and help you get better faster just know your limits. Exercise helps fire up your metabolism and people who exercise regularly generally have stronger immune systems so if you can get moving!

Essential oils- Essential oils can help strengthen your immune system so I would highly recommend you use them when your not sick so when you get sick you aren’t sick as long because you will have a strong immune system. A few essential oils that can help strengthen your immune system and help you recover quickly are bergamot, frankincense, and geranium because no one wants to sit around waiting for a cold to end if there is something they can do about it. People often underestimate the power of essential oils before they even realize how much they can do for you so never underestimate the power of essential oils.

Wash your hands- When you sneeze often times we don’t realize how many germs we are spreading. I never sneeze in my hand but instead, I sneeze in my arm because sneezing in my hand spreads too many germs. Just think about how many time have you sneezed in your hand and then went to shake someone’s hand? Gross! Those germs don’t just stay in one place they spread so think about that next time you sneeze in your hand.

Be mindful of your diet- When your sick and want to get better quickly or think you’re coming down with something it’s so important you are mindful of your diet. People with high sugar diets get sick more often than people who have a low sugar diet because sugar increases inflammation and slows down your metabolism. If you are trying to get better quickly be honest with yourself and make some healthy lifestyle choices that will help you recover quickly. Just do what you have to do to get better and if that means you have to stop buying your temptations or grocery shop with a friend who cares! You are taking care of yourself and that’s all that matters.

Take your vitamins-When your sick your body needs vitamins more than ever so make sure you are taking vitamins like Vitamin C. I am usually horrible at remembering to take my vitamins but when I am sick I make an effort and double up because that helps my body recover faster so I am not sick as long.

Strengthening your immune system is the best thing you can do to prevent a common cold but when you do catch one that is a way of your body telling you to slow down. Resting and listening to your body will help you bounce back quickly so you can get back to life. This is what has worked for me but may not work for you I am not a medical professional and this post was not intended to give you medical advice of any kind and should never be substituted for professional advice. If you have questions about how to fight a cold please leave them in the comments below.

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