Life Lessons Only A Disabled Person Can Teach You

There are many life lessons that you will learn throughout your life! Some you will learn the hard way some you will never learn and continuously do the same mistake over and over again! That is the beauty of life there are so many lessons to be learned there is never a dull moment!  Both abled and disabled people can teach you many things but because abled people don’t have a disability there are some things that they cannot teach to the extent a disabled person can so today I thought I’d teach you a few life lessons that disabled people can teach better than an abled person.

It’s not about those six-pack abs– Working out should be all about improving your physical health but unfortunately, most abled people don’t believe that and it’s all about getting those six-pack abs but when you are physically disabled you look at workouts in a whole different way because you have to. Disabled people often times cannot work out to the extent an abled person can so they won’t have abs and if we did we sure wouldn’t advertise them because who cares? You can be in incredible shape and not have abs because all that really matters is that you are improving your physical health and having them does not make you in better shape than someone who doesn’t.

Mobility aids are not a sad thing-  There is so much negativity around disabled people using mobility aids that they feel sad and pity us. Our mobility aids give us independence and make it so we can leave our house so there is nothing to be sad about but our mobility aids are something you should be celebrating! Without my mobility aids, I would be completely bed-bound and unable to leave my house so instead of pitying me celebrate that am able to get them because if I wasn’t I would miss out on so much.

Accessibility is a real problem-  Accessibility does not end at ramps and is a real problem for a lot of disabled people and the only way that will change is if you start listening to suggestions of disabled people. There are a lot of buildings that you would think should be accessible like doctors’ offices but to be honest, they aren’t accessible at all and some disabled people struggle to get in them. If they are able to get in these buildings navigating them is a whole another task. Abled people can get into these buildings without difficulty so why can’t we find a way to make it easier for disabled people?

Fitness is not a one size fits all-  When you are physically disabled often times you have to get creative to get or stay in shape! Most abled people have a hard time understanding that what an abled person does to stay active and what disabled people do will be totally different and sometimes the things we do may look a little bit weird. Sometimes abled will give you workout tips to try and help you find a routine that looks normal but their tips are not always helpful because sometimes they are things you wouldn’t enjoy or even possible for you( I had a girl recommend karate to me once I don’t think she realized I can barely kick so karate is not an option for me).

There are so many ways to get in shape and some of them may look a little weird but that doesn’t mean you should be doing something else just because your friends told you it’s weird and you should. If you enjoy it then don’t stop doing it because who cares what your friends think as long as your happy that’s all that really matters. It is polite to hear your friends out when they are giving you workout suggestions even if they are terrible ideas because at the end of the day you don’t have to take their advice.

My disability does limit some things-  When you are physically disabled and go out somewhere people will often assume you are unhappy and say things like your disability doesn’t define who you are and the possibilities are endless. I am not my disability so although my disability may not define me as a person you are wrong about how I can do anything. My disability has made it so I can’t participate in a lot of activities so no I can’t do anything I set my mind to. There is nothing wrong with being disabled and we aren’t sad and miserable like most people think we are but our lives aren’t much different than yours. Stop treating us like it is because it isn’t and you can learn a lot from disabled people if you just listened to us instead of pitying us. It’s not as horrible to live with a disability as you think!

Anyone can become disabled- All it takes is one horrific accident to become disabled! If you aren’t disabled the likelihood of becoming disabled is very unlikely so I definitely wouldn’t go around worrying about it but it can still happen. You should always be open to listen to disabled people and stop telling them “well I am not disabled so therefore I don’t need to listen to your advice”. Disability can happen to anybody and if you treat disabled people that way and something horrific does happen and you become disabled no one will want to help you. Trust me you will want that help because disability is a huge life change!

Some of these lessons can be taught by an abled person but when you are disabled you have experiences that abled people don’t have so you may be able to explain it a little bit better. When you don’t have a disability you are limited to what you can teach them because even if you are related to someone who has one you can’t relate their struggles on a personal level. It will be hard for you to explain some things if you can’t relate to it and for that reason, some things are explained better by disabled people. Disability is not a sad thing like most people think it is we are just different people but unfortunately most people don’t see it that way.  What life lessons do you think disabled people can teach abled people? Please leave them in the comments below and I will do my best to try and explain it to you!

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