My First Award: Sunshine Blogger Award

It’s that time of year again when bloggers are getting nominated for many different types of awards! I had pretty much accepted that I was a small blogger and that I was probably never going to win one or least not for a very long time! Yesterday to my surprise I was nominated by Jordyn creator of The Chronically Unimaginable for the Sunshine Blogger award which is an award that recognizes bloggers for their positivity and joy they bring to their readers. I was happy and a little bit shocked that my little blog has made such an impact on my readers because that tells me what I am doing is working.  Let’s go over the rules!

The rules:

Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their site

Answer 11 questions the blogger asked you

Nominate 11 bloggers and asked them 11 questions

List the rules and display the Sunshine blogger award logo in your post or on your site.

Questions from the nominee:

1. What made you decide to blog about your certain category- Great question! Disability is a huge part of my life and pretty much everything that I know so I knew that is something I wanted to focus on right from the start. I also write about other things like fitness, and lifestyle that is isn’t disability-focused because that is what interests me and keeps me excited and wanting to create more content.

2.  Would you ever have a snake as a pet?- No! I saw a garden snake once and you probably have never seen me run so fast! I am terrified of snakes and spiders so no I would never have either one of those as pets.

3.  Jurassic Park or Star Wars?- I’d have to say neither I am not a fan of either one of them but if I had to choose I’d choose Star Wars. I watched Jurassic Park once and was not amused but I do have a confession to make I’ve never actually seen Star Wars so I can’t really make judgments on something I’ve never seen.

4. If you could have one extinct animal come back what would it be and why?-Not really an animal person so, to be honest, I don’t know!

5. What’s an odd pet peeve of yours-  I don’t know if you would call this odd but having a lot of stuff in my room stresses me out because it makes me feel cluttered. Everything could be perfectly organized but if I have a bunch of stuff in my room that I could get rid of I feel like a slob so I don’t buy a lot of new things without first getting rid of old stuff. You never have to worry about me being a hoarder!

6. What’s the weirdest food combination you enjoy- I couldn’t really think of any super weird food combination that I enjoy but I put hot sauce on salad and occasionally I will have a bagel and cream cheese with salt. I don’t generally eat anything super weird but for the most part I everything I eat is pretty normal.  Anything with peanut butter I would probably be open to trying no matter how weird it is because I have this weird obsession with peanut butter!

7. Do you blog as a hobby or a profession- My goal is to make my blog a profession but right now it’s a hobby so maybe one day!

8. Would you rather be able to swim underwater without having to breathe or explore space without needing a spacesuit- Definitely space! I mean how cool would it be if you could explore space without a spacesuit!

9. What is your favorite thing about your blog-  There is so much that I love about my blog it would be hard to narrow it down to just one thing! Creating new content and talking to readers are some of my favorite things about my blog because when I get a comment it makes me feel like I can connect with you on a more personal level. Comments make me feel appreciated and motivate me to want to create more content!

10. Would you ever go on the show ‘Naked and Afraid’?- No!!!  You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to go on that show because I am a Christian and going on it would go against everything I believe in and make me very uncomfortable. I believe in stepping out of your comfort zone but that would be way out of my comfort zone!

11. Middle of the day or middle of the night? I usually have higher pain at night so I would definitely say the middle of the day because I get more done during that time.  In the middle of the night, I am usually trying to sleep and get through the pain but in the middle of the day, I feel great!

My Questions

  1. What character from Friends best describes your personality?
  2. What is your biggest challenge of blogging?
  3. Why a blog and not a YouTube channel?
  4. If you won the lottery what would you do with your winnings?
  5. What are your best tips for getting through a bad pain flare day?
  6. How did you decide on your blog name?
  7. What’s one blogging goal you wish to accomplish in the next five years?
  8. What’s your guilty pleasure?
  9. If you could do any career and money or disability/illness was not a factor what would it be?
  10. When you binge Netflix what do you watch?
  11.  If you were stranded on an island and could only have two items what would they be? (wheelchairs, crutches or any necessary mobility aids don’t count those are a given)

My nominees

Reclaiming Hope

Karly Joy

Blooming Mindfulness

Disabled Diva

Journey Through The Fog

Brains and Bodies

Invisibly Me


A Chronic Voice

My Medical Musings

Despite Pain

Thanks again, The Chronically Unimaginable for thinking of me for this award it means the world to me to be nominated. This recognition is nothing I would have ever expected but is a huge confidence booster for me. I understand that we are all on different schedules and pain sometimes makes blogging difficult so there is no rush with answering my questions. Whenever you have time to answer my questions works for me! Please be sure to check out Jordyn’s blog and if I have nominated you to receive this award please be sure to tag me or notify me in some way when you have answered my questions so I can see your answers.

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