When you get an interview for your dream job it can be really exciting! The interview could have gone well and maybe you thought you had it in the bag but then you get that dreaded email saying we are looking into other candidates. What you thought was a potential job opportunity has now just turned into disappointment! I’ve been rejected by more jobs than I can count and although it is frustrating I have learned a few ways to deal with these feelings so I thought I’d share them with you today.

Think of it as an opportunity– I just got rejected from a job I thought would be a good fit and to be honest, I’m glad it wasn’t. The job I would have been doing would have been cool to do but the office was very inaccessible which would have made my job very stressful. I couldn’t back or move in any way without backing into something and for me, a job that is somewhat accessible is extremely important. When you go to an interview for your dream job and are convinced you, have it in the bag but later find out you don’t look at it as an opportunity. There is nothing wrong with getting bummed out you didn’t get the position but the worst thing you can do is go weeks on end feeling sorry for yourself. Everyone gets rejected from a job at some point in their life but don’t dwell on it because it’s not the worst thing in the world that will ever happen to you. Accept it, learn from it and focus on finding new opportunities that better fit your skills and qualifications.

Come prepared- How many times have you gone into an interview and weren’t prepared at all? I know I’m guilty of it but if you are serious about getting the job you have to be prepared. Always print an extra copy of your resume before going to an interview just in case the interviewer doesn’t have it and practice common interview questions. You can’t fully prepare for every interview question in existence because they are all different but practicing common ones like why should I hire you, tell me about yourself and what are your strengths and weaknesses can make you better prepared and feel more confident. If you feel you need more practice with interview questions googling common interview questions is a good way to get some extra practice because you can never be too prepared.

Apply to jobs that meet your qualifications- Sometimes when you have been looking for employment for many years you become desperate because your sick of job searching that you start applying to everything with hopes of getting hired faster. The more applications you put in the higher chance you have of getting a job right? Wrong! When you apply to positions you are not qualified for it makes it very difficult to sell yourself and get hired. If you do so happen to land a job that you aren’t really qualified for you will probably be back where you started once you realize it’s over your head. Applying for every position you can think of could get you in a lot of interviews and at times it may seem like its faster but really it isn’t because you won’t be able to hold these jobs long-term and will be back where you started in a couple of months.

Stay positive– When you have rejection after rejection for years on end it is not unlikely that you could start to suffer from depression. Sometimes when you look for a job for so long you may start to wonder will I ever get hired. Yes, you will but not if you keep thinking in a negative way. When you go to an interview and don’t really want the job or are in the mindset I’m probably not going to get this job the interviewer can see right that and although you can fake positivity it is usually not that hard to figure out who wants to be there and who doesn’t. People who are positive and want to be there generally are more enthusiastic and have a higher chance of getting the job because who wants a rude employee that is only interested in the paycheck I know I sure don’t.

One of the things you will never see me write about is how I landed my dream job because, to be honest, I’ve never had a job and when I do get a job, chances are it won’t be my dream job. I may never be able to work my dream job but that doesn’t mean I’ll never be happy. I could be given other opportunities that may be a better fit than my dream job, therefore, making me happier! Rejection is something we all have to deal with some people more than others but the fact we have to deal with rejection is not important it’s how we react to it is what really matters. Don’t let one job that rejected you dictate your future because it may be for their best. Looking for a job is frustrating but don’t make it harder by sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. If you have any questions about how to get past job rejection please leave them in the comments below.