As a content creator, you are constantly promoting your blog so all those hours that you put into creating content doesn’t go unnoticed. We all have the same goals which is to grow our blogs and through blogging, you build some wonderful friendships but then there will be those that will see blogging as a competition and will do whatever they can to take you down. Stats are important for growth but no one cares what your stats are except for brands and people aren’t going to remember you for how many followers you had but how you made them feel because it’s all about building a community and making an impact. Blogging can be very therapeutic but sometimes it can be stressful because of the competition and the pressure some people put on bloggers so I am going to talk about some of my most common blogging peeves that I experience quite often.

I just followed you I’d appreciate a follow back- Talk about pressure! I see the good intentions in this because we are all trying to improve our follower count but when you send me a message saying I just followed you I’d appreciate a follow back that tells me my content isn’t really of interest to you and that doesn’t make me want to follow you. We are all here to support each other but pressuring someone to follow you may give you a high follower count but will not give you a very engaging audience because half of your followers are only following you to improve there follower count!  If someone follows me I always check out their blog and if I like what I see I follow them otherwise I don’t. If you truly want to grow your community organically and build a community with people who actually want to read your blog then comment on other blogs and talk with bloggers in your niche.

Not responding to comments- You will hear a lot of bloggers tell you that if you want to grow your blog to comment on popular blogs but this is where I disagree and I think to increase your engagement you need to comment on smaller blogs. Popular blogs get hundreds of comments a day and often never respond and you will never increase your engagement if you are commenting on a blog that never respond to comments. When I am considering follow a blog and make a nice comment and get no response for months if I was considering following it I am not anymore because you have shown you ignore your readers and I don’t want to be part of a community that isn’t going to engage. Make an effort to respond to all readers comments no just some of them because that is what will make people want to come back!

When legitimate blogs are reported-  The more popular you get the more likely your blog or social media could be reported and your social could be deactivated. I am not that popular to have had Facebook penalize me for violating policy but I know bloggers where this has happened and the sad things is all someone has to do is say your are violating policy even if you know your not. Its so much harder to get it appealed and if you have a small following like I do it’s almost not even worth the agony. You shouldn’t be trying to shut people down unless you know they are doing something hurtful and unjust but instead ask them for help if they are where you want to be. Shutting somone down will only help your pride and nothing will change until you figure out what you are doing that is not working for you.

Ads at rapid fire- I use ads to make a little extra income to help make my blog better so I totally understand why bloggers use them. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I visit a blog and there are so many ads I can’t avoid them. Bloggers when you have ads at rapid-fire and your readers cannot avoid them then you could end up losing readers. If you want to use ads but don’t want to risk losing readers then you need to strategically place them on your blog and make it possible for readers to avoid them.  Some bloggers don’t make much from ads but if you want to explore this as a potential way to make money then you need to think smart about it and do it strategically because otherwise your readers may just get annoyed and stop reading your posts!

No easy way to contact you- Your contact info should be easily accessible to readers and it doesn’t matter how much someone loves your blog noone loves it so much that they are willing to search for your contact info. When I find a new blog if I can’t find the follow button immediately or contact information to let that administrator know I am interested I leave and find someone else that has this information easily accessible because you can also find another blog that you will like just as much. Contact information should be accessible not only for easy access to gain new followers but also for requests or concerns that may need to be addressed privately If you serious about making an income off your blog and a brand does stumble across your blog and likes it but can’t find your contact information immediately you better believe they will not search for it and will move on to the next person.

Liking posts at rapid fire- If you like a post and want to show a blogger that you liked it by all means do so but when you like ten posts in a period, of two minutes it’s obvious you didn’t read it because no one can read a post that fast, especially when posts are one-thousand words or more. Bloggers know when you actually viewed a post and when you just liked it so if you want to help us out, actually read it because how do you know if you liked something if you never read it? You may hate it and totally disagree with the message of that blog and until you open it you will never know if that is something you want to support. It helps us some when you like our posts but if you never view them it doesn’t help us out that much because we don’t get the views and we need the views just as much as we need followers to improve our blogs.

Droping your links in the comments section- I have my blog set up for for comment moderation for a reason and it’s strictly because people like to leave a halfway decent comment and then at the end drop their links at the end. We are all trying to grow our blogs but unless it specifically states it is okay to drop your links it is probably frowned upon on any blog. The comment section of any blog is not there for you to promote your buisness but to leave your thoughts on the post that was just written. Unless I have written a post for promotional purposes I don’t approve comments where links were dropped or I just cut the links out so I don’t know why people even try.

Blogging can be fun and for the most part it is but sometimes with all the pressure people put on the bloggers people can suck the fun right out of it and make it quite stressful. A lot of people promote their own content a lot little two much in places they probably shouldn’t and for many bloggers that can be frustrating because the comment sections is not the place for you to be dropping your links unless it specifically states it is okay to do so and not to mention it screams newbies everytimes someone does that. Pro’s don’t drop their links in the comment sections because they know that is frowned upon and the only way you will grow you audience is by building a connection not by spamming people. Are these any of your blogging pet peeves or are there any others that aren’t mentioned here? Please share I’d love to get your thoughts on things people have done during your blogging journey that are frowned upon.