When you are a blogger, author, or just have to write a paper for an English class it is not unlikely that you will experience the dreaded writer’s block!  Some bloggers experience this quite often to the point we actually expect it while others do not have this problem at all.  Writer’s block is a struggle for not only bloggers but also authors and those taking college classes and it can be really stressful if you have a deadline and all you can do is stare at a blank computer screen for hours hoping inspiration strikes in time for you to meet your deadline! Writing blog posts, papers, or speeches can be super stressful if writer’s block gets in the way so here are few ways you can beat it.

Be passionate in your writing- Are you an author or blogger that write about topics that do not genuinely interest you? Unless you are a student writing a paper for an English class it is so important that you write what interests you and are passionate about because when you don’t it will show in your writing.  I am a strong believer in writing about what you are passionate about not what you think you should because that takes the joy out of writing and will make you less motivated to want to do it.

Believe in yourself- One of the biggest things that are stopping you from creating great content is not believing that you can do it!  There will always be someone that is better than you, a more established writer, or has more views but if that is all you can focus on when you are writing you will not see the joy in writing because at the point there is no joy in it. Stop second-guessing your work and believe you can do it and focus on improving it instead of comparing it to others.

Pinterest- Pinterest is not only good if you need a quick recipe but because it is filled with ideas for pretty much any topic it is a great tool if you have writer’s block. When you are a blogger finding a topic can sometimes be more difficult and frustrating than writing the blog post itself because sometimes you are fresh out of ideas and inspiration never strikes. With the number of ideas, you will find on Pinterest you will surely find something that you could write about!

Ask your peers- If you are a blogger and need a topic why not ask your audience what they want? You are writing for them and if you are experiencing writer block why not see if they can help come up with a few topics. Asking your audience what type of content they would like you to create is not only helpful when you have writer’s block but also helps you to improve future blog posts because now you will know what types of blog posts your audience wants to see.

Plan ahead- How many of you have written something the day before or worse the day of? Planning ahead is everything and if you want to avoid writer’s block you need to stop procrastinating and start planning your topics ahead of time. You can never plan when you will get stuck and have writer’s block and planning a couple of topics in advance will help you be more productive because you will be more prepared and be able to get your writing done sooner.  Yes, you can get things done by winging it but if you are not organized it may take you twice as long to finish something because you will be very stressed that you will be frantically be trying to finish something that you won’t be thinking clearly.   Planning will help you stay organized, less stressed, and think more clearly so it is definitely something you should consider if you often experience writer’s block!

Walk away– Have you been staring at your computer screen for an hour and haven’t even come up with an introduction? Take and break for five or ten minutes and go have a  snack or a cup of coffee. When I am struggling to write a blog post and I can’t even come up with two to three sentence I go have a cup of coffee and sometimes that is all it takes for inspiration to strike! Sometimes if you are working too hard you will overthink things and you will not see things that are right in front of you that is why taking breaks are so helpful in clearing your head.

Personally, I don’t really believe in writer’s block but that may just be because I have never really experienced it. Writer block is generally caused when you are trying too hard to come up with a topic or are writing about something you just have no interest in. Never underestimate the power of taking a short break because it may be what you need to feel inspired! If you are in school and have no control over your writing prompts writing may not come as easily to you as many authors and bloggers because we have control over what we write about but changing your environment may help you get stuff done.  If you already have to write about something that doesn’t interest you and aren’t in a comfortable environment it will take you twice as long because it will be difficult to stay motivated. How do you overcome writer’s block and get stuff done