Yesterday I had every intention of writing this post but because I decided to play I little harmless prank on Facebook stating I was shutting my blog down because I could not take all the trolls anymore writing a blog post would have blown my cover. Every joke I play on someone I thoroughly think through because I always want to make sure it is a good idea and no one will be mad! Some April’s jokes are funny to play on your friends and family and some are not so here are a few funny prank ideas to play on your friends and some that you should never play on your friends.

Let begin with some funny prank ideas:

I got a job- I almost went with this one but, to be honest, it’s kind of depressing to talk about a grand job I don’t have to only disappoint by saying “April Fools.”  The only problem with this prank is that in order to pull it off you will have to do a lot of research on different companies because chances are your friends and family will want to know details about your new job but if you are up for the challenge then go for it!

I’m pregnant– If you are married or in a relationship with someone you totally could pull this off! Personally, I couldn’t have this used this one because I am not in a relationship with anyone and wouldn’t have sounded convincing! If I said I was pregnant friends and family would have a lot of questions and I may not get the reaction I was looking for but may, in fact, get the total opposite. Friends and family may be shocked, mad or wonder who the lucky guy is and why have I kept him a secret for so long. What do I have to hide? Is there something wrong with this guy that my family should probably know about?  Jokes are supposed to be funny and for most people, this joke would be but for me, it would just create more drama.

Swap Krispie Kreme donuts with vegetables- Want to prank all your coworkers? Bring in Krispie Kreme donuts but instead of it being donuts fill the box with vegetables! Living a healthy lifestyle is so important and should always be encouraged and how I look at it you are doing them a favor by saving them like a thousand calories.

Fake bugs- Back in high school I was bullied by a girl every day so one day I wanted to get back at her! I so happened to know that she was terrified of frogs so I got a fake one and put it on her lap and scared the living daylights out of her. You may be able to get things like this that are remote-controlled or light up(not sure about this) but for me, just something simple worked and gave me a good laugh! If you want to play a harmless joke on your friends I would definitely recommend trying this.

I’m in a relationship-  Back in high school, I told one of my friends that I was in a relationship but because I have never been in a relationship and have no desire to be in one I knew just by saying I had a boyfriend was not good enough and would need to be a little bit more convincing.  With Karly’s help of convincing her, I got some random guy off google and told her he was my boyfriend and was able to pull it off and fool her! Pranks like these take a lot of planning and may need to have more than one person involved but if you are up to the challenge then there is nothing stopping you!

Pranks you should never try

Anything that makes a mess– Personally I don’t like to do pranks that are going to make a mess because who is going to clean it up? Unless you are absolutely sure you can get away with it you can better believe you will probably have to clean it up! Pranks that make a mess are funny for a couple of minutes but when you have to clean up after them they may not seem so funny. If you like to do pranks like these then go for it but personally, I prefer not to!

Anything that implies you are ill- When you say you are incredibly ill or have increased pain(if you are chronic pain warrior) your viewers will not think this is funny but instead start to worry about you. As a disability and chronic pain blogger, I would never tell my viewers my pain has worsened when it hasn’t because, to be honest, I think it’s just mean to create worry when there is no need to worry! When your viewers find out you lied to them and your health isn’t declining they may lose respect for you and may unfollow you. Is telling someone you have medical concerns when you don’t worth it? I don’t think so!

Anything that causes harm- Pranks should be harmless and funny and should never physically hurt someone! Some people may not take it personally and may have a good laugh but others may not think your joke is funny and want to hold you liable for their injuries. Was your joke really that funny that you would be willing to pay thousands of dollars for someone’s injuries? No, not really! There are plenty of other jokes that you can play on your friends that won’t cause any injuries so take your pick! Seriously though aren’t jokes way funnier when you aren’t sued and forced to pay thousands of dollars for someone’s injuries. If you ask me I think jokes that don’t involve anyone getting hurt are more memorable than ones that do but if don’t mind paying for someone’s injuries then have at it!

Some people hate April fools day but for me, I don’t mind it but in some ways actually, enjoy it. I find it funny to see all the pranks that people come up with and like to see who falls for it and who doesn’t. When I was younger my older sister used to prank me like every year so I have no shame. One year she covered a piece of spaghetti with pepper and told me it was a worm(I’m terrified of worms or at least I was) If someone has pranked you don’t take it personally but have a good laugh! Before you prank someone ask yourself one thing: is my prank going to make anyone mad and sacrifice any relationships? If the answer is yes then the prank is not worth a few minutes of laughter!  If you have any questions about harmless April Fools jokes please leave them in the comments below.


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