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Blogging isn’t as easy as it used to be where you were able to write a couple of posts and reach a relatively large audience. Now blogging is a little bit more involved and may take a little bit more effort because it is like running a business! In order for bloggers to get noticed, we have to, of course, create great content but also we have to build our social media following or we will never get noticed by larger brands. We will just be one of those blogs that no one reads or cares about because no one will know we exist! It can be really frustrating when we are putting in all this hard work in creating these incredible posts and only a small percentage of people are reading them. Why not just write in a diary? Do you want to help Life with Spina Bifida get noticed? Here are a few social media platforms I am on that you could follow that may help take my blog to the next level.

Facebook- My Facebook community is very supportive but to be honest very small and it would mean the world to me if I could grow that community. Facebook is where you can easily contact me, get inspiration, find my most recent and past posts and read posts from my favorite bloggers! If this sounds like something that would be of interest to you follow me at

Twitter– Personally I prefer Twitter over Facebook because it is way simpler to use and in my opinion way less stressful. Facebook has a lot of rules of what you can and cannot post that Twitter does not have! Some of the things I understand but some of the things I do not and to be honest sometimes I just do not want to deal with it anymore! I have considered deleting my Facebook because of how much I hate it and just want to run my blog through Twitter and Pinterest but have decided not to because I have some friends and family who do not use Twitter. Twitter is a place where I like to share bloggers’ posts, promote mine and talk to other bloggers! If Facebook is not your jam then it would mean the world to me if you would follow me on Twitter at Most of my traffic comes from Twitter and Pinterest so I could run my blog successfully without Facebook and it wouldn’t be much of a loss but because there are a few family members I like to keep in touch with I don’t know if that would be a very smart decision if I got rid of it.

Pinterest– I could spend all day on Pinterest and if you are a blogger Pinterest is a great way to promote your blog once you have the hang of it! I don’t just utilize Pinterest to promote my blog but I also have an inspiring blogger board where I pin others disability and chronic illness bloggers posts(if you are a disability or chronic illness blogger that wants to be added to this board pm me) to help them increase engagement and I’m also getting ready to start a new board called grow your blog! If you want some new reading material check me out at

Instagram- I just got an Instagram so I am not all too familiar with it yet but there you can find inspiration, life updates and of course my latest blog posts! You can check my Instagram out at

I did something like this a little while back about Facebook but I figured I would show you everywhere I am featured and if you feel obliged to support me you can! Whether you support me on one support media channel or you support me on all three your support means the world to me because most of what I do is not content creation it is promotion. Content creation is important but so is promotion because it doesn’t matter how great your content is if no one knows you exist you might as well be writing for yourself.  Let’s be friends on social media!

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