When you have Spina Bifida it is really common to have problems with textures of different foods. Sometimes you just can’t stomach certain foods because of the texture of them and that makes it really difficult to find healthy foods that you can eat and enjoy! When I younger I used to gag on chicken because I thought it was chewy but since then I have learned a few ways to manage my food texture problems so I can thought I would share them with you today so you can start living life to the fullest!

Start Slow- When I was younger I had problems with a lot of different food textures so I would avoid eating a lot of healthy foods. Although I did not eat the healthiest as I have gotten older I have made the decision to overcome some of the problems I had with different food textures by simply doing one thing slowly incorporating foods I was not very fond of into my diet. You may be thinking  What? That’s crazy! I’m not doing that! Yes, you won’t be very fond of it at first but as time goes on you may learn to like some of the foods you thought you hated and will be able to enjoy your meals more because you won’t have as much difficulty with as many foods.  Actively trying new foods will not solve all your food texture problems and in some cases may not do anything at all but it can be a real pain in the butt to have a very restrictive diet if you don’t have to.

Just breathe– I have learned many things through Pilates! I have not only learned how to stay in shape physically through Pilates but have also learned how to breathe correctly which has been very helpful when I am at medical appointments or when I have to eat foods that I may not be very fond of. Often times when we have problems with certain foods we tell ourselves we can’t eat them so we don’t and go for the less healthy option. Change your mindset and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and tell yourself you can do this.

Sauces are your best friend– For me personally, one of the biggest problems I have is when foods are too dry. Sauces are your friend and can be really helpful with getting those dry foods down if you are having difficulty but don’t take it personally if I am unable to eat something you have prepared because there are some things I just can’t get down no matter how bad I want to.

Incorporate new foods- When you have problems with certain food textures there are going to be some foods you just can’t stomach and that is okay! If you feel like your going to get sick every time you eat those foods then, don’t eat them and replace them with something else! There are so many alternatives forcing yourself to eat something just because it has health benefits is never worth it because there are so many foods that will give you those same health benefits. Don’t restrict yourself to eating that one thing that makes you feel horrible but instead replace, it with something else that will make you feel powerful!

Eating healthy and living the life you want is so important for your overall wellbeing but if you have difficulties with some foods it can be stressful and hard to find enjoyment in eating meals. Meal prep can also be super helpful with reducing your stress levels because you will not have to worry about if you are able to tolerate your meal because you are in control of what you prepare. You know your body more than anyone else so, do whatever it takes to make your meals enjoyable!  I hope these tips helped and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.