What Do Blogger’s Do On Off Days?

After bloggers publish a blog post, we don’t just sit back and watch our blogs grow unfortunately it is not that easy and we have to put a little more effort into it before we see any significant growth. Bloggers have days where we do nothing with our blogs and take takes off but then we have days where we aren’t writing posts but are working on our blogs to improve them. What are bloggers doing on the off days to improve our blogs? Every blogger is different and may have a different agenda but here a few things that I have done to help improve my blog on my off days to help grow my audience.

Back up blog posts-  With the internet, it is so easy for stuff to get deleted and for all our hard work to be lost! That is why it is so important for bloggers to back up all their blogs so if this happens, you can always upload it again. You would be very disappointed if all your work was all of a sudden gone because of some technical error and you had to start over. It’s so simple to avoid a problem like this by simply backing up all your blogs! I have had this happen before but luckily I did not lose anything because I back up all my blogs so I was able to easily upload it again. Never assume just because it hasn’t happened to you yet that it will never happen because it could and you always want to be prepared just in case it does. When we aren’t creating blog posts, we are backing them up, double backing them up, and if you are super paranoid like me triple backing them up.

Planning blogs ideas– Blogs posts ideas don’t generally just come to us but sometimes have extensive research behind it so we can bring you the best information possible. Finding topics is not always easy and more often than not takes a little bit of planning and sometimes can be more difficult to come up with than writing the blog post itself. I struggle with coming up with topics more than I do with writing the blog posts so, on off days I plan a few blog topics so when it comes time to write I don’t get stuck and can just start writing.

Promoting your blog- After bloggers publish a post that does not mean we are done with it and don’t have to do anything with it ever again. In order for bloggers to get noticed and grow their audience, we have to constantly promote our content, share other bloggers’ content and comment on blogs. Creating excellent content is a key component of building a successful blog but if you don’t promote it well no one will know you exist and all your hard work will go unnoticed and that can be really frustrating.  Creating great content is important but for many new bloggers promoting it is even more important and that is what we do on the off days!

Web design- Have you ever looked at a blogger’s website and thought to yourself wow that’s amazing! How do they do that? Bloggers know a little thing or two about web design because they have to in order to grow their audience! When people visit your blog, you have about five seconds to impress people so if your design is sloppy, ugly or hard to navigate you will probably lose readers because you will not be given the chance to prove how great of a writer you really are. It doesn’t matter how great your content is if your web design is poor it will make it difficult to grow your blog because although some people will give you the benefit of the doubt and still view your blog if it’s sloppy and hard to navigate a vast majority will not. It took me several months before I was to able to perfect the design of my website and make it look the way I wanted but now that I was able to achieve that goal  I am on to a new thing create a logo!

Update old blog posts- Bloggers do you ever cringe when you read some of your earlier blog posts? Me too! Blog posts can always be improved and it can never hurt to update those older blog posts and make them better. Don’t forget to promote them again so people can see and appreciate the new and updated version.

There is more to blogging than writing blog posts and although writing excellent content is really important it also is important that you establish trust with your audience and promote them effectively and efficiently.  Failing to neglect something like promoting your blog is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a new blogger because although you want to create excellent content you also want to establish an audience and the way you do that is by promoting your blog. If you don’t promote your blog properly no one will know you exist and it will be nearly impossible for you to grow them. Every blogger has a different agenda but for the most part, bloggers do pretty much the same things but the only difference may be how we promote our blogs. Different strategies make work for different people and there is no wrong way to promote your blog. Whatever works for you and is giving you growth that is what you should be doing. Bloggers, what do you on off days?

2 thoughts on “What Do Blogger’s Do On Off Days?

  1. So you’re saying bloggers never have off days, lol. But yeah, even on my off days, I’m always doing something related to blogging or writing, and maybe that’s a good thing for lazy people like me. Thanks for sharing this!

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    1. Your welcome, this is just what I do and it may vary from blogger to blogger. PS: I am setting up my new blog and this post I just pulled from my other blog and is really old so it needs updating!

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