Last night my sisters and I went to a movie and dinner and I got a margarita. Although all my sisters couldn’t attend it was still a fun and memorable night!

Everyone needs a break from time to time! Building a blog takes time and consistency but doing it 24/7 won’t necessarily build your blog faster but may actually do the opposite. Taking a few short breaks every now and then can be really beneficial and help you recharge come up with new ideas if you’re stuck. Blogging is my life and I do it seventy-five percent of the time but I don’t necessarily do it all the time because if I did I would go crazy! When I am not blogging here area  few things I may consider doing:

Sister Night-  Occasionally my sisters and I will have a Sister Night where we will go out to dinner and a movie. Sometimes because of my sister’s work or school schedules, not all my sisters are able to attend but even if it is only a few of us can it is still a fun night filled with memories that we will always remember! It saddens me that we can’t do this more often but we do it as often as we can and treasure the moments we do have with each other.

Youtube/Podcast- I watch more YouTube videos than I watch Netflix and to be honest I don’t know why I haven’t gotten Youtube Red because it would totally pay to not have those commercials! Netflix has taken off ninety percent of the shows I would normally watch and I just don’t want to spend hours looking for a new show that I might like. I have not completely given up on Netflix because there are a few shows I am watching and sometimes they have a movie I want to see. For the most part, I watch videos from Rebecca Louise, Rosanna Pansino and Blogilates some of my favorites Youtubers to keep me entertained. Fitness expert Rebecca Louise started a podcast called It Takes Grit that I also started listening to about motivation, health, and wellness that got me super hooked. You may be thinking that listening to a podcast about health and wellness is kind of weird but I find it very interesting and I have learned a lot from it!

Computer games–  I get bored easily so I don’t like to play games that will take a really long time because more often than not I will not play them longer than ten minutes. That is why I love to play computer games like Mahjong because they are short and you can stop playing whenever you feel bored. I usually get bored with one game and move on to another within ten minutes of playing so that is why computer games are a perfect choice for me! There are so many choices nowadays that it would be almost impossible to run out of games to play.

Pilates- When people start a workout routine a lot of the time they are too focused on how much it hurts and how fast it will give them results and if their workouts do not give them results in a certain period of time they quit. For me, it’s different because I am not working out because I want sick pack abs, a big butt, or arms like the incredible hulk. Pilates is like therapy and if you hate working out you may be thinking “why would I choose a physical activity as a way to reduce my anxiety?” Pilates is very therapeutic to me and if you find the right exercise routine with the right instructor that best fits your needs you can make fitness fun!

I blog most of the time but there are times when I say to myself “I’ve had enough” and I need a break for a while! If you are a blogger and are in that place take a few days to recharge because forcing yourself to write blog posts is not doing you or your audience any good! You don’t want to force yourself to spend hours on a blog post and then end up deleting it. Blog for the right reasons and if you feel you have lost your purpose take a break! If you have any questions about things I do when I am not blogging please leave them in the comments below.