What Happens When You Fall In The Trap Of Comparing Yourself To Others

Blogging is an amazing community where we are here to help and support each other to grow their blogs. There are a lot of bloggers who are very supportive of each other but lately, I have seen a lot of bloggers who aren’t supportive and just bring each other down. Everyone is on their own blogging journey and comparing yourself to other bloggers can be a dangerous game to play because it can really hurt your blog in more ways than you realize! If you are feeling discouraged because everyone around is more successful than you here are a few tips to stop that may help you stop comparing yourself and feel inspired.

Too focused on the numbers- Yes the amount of followers or views you have is important but so is creating great content! If you are always creating mediocre content you will never grow so instead of focusing so much on the numbers and comparing your follower count to somebody else’s’ shift your focus and put all your effort into creating great content! Great content is what builds a great blog and as soon as you realize that everything else will fall into place!

Low self-esteem-   When I was a new blogger I fell into the trap of comparing myself to other bloggers that were more successful than I was or were given opportunities I wish I had and that made it very difficult to grow my blog. Growing a blog is hard but when you focus all your energy on what other people are doing it reflects on your writing and makes it nearly impossible to grow! Everyone is on their own blogging journey and even though one of your peers may be a better writer than you or have a higher follower count does not mean you will never get to that point. Blogging takes time and building a successful blog does not happen overnight but sometimes can take years! Instead of focusing on what you don’t have put more energy into what you do have so you can improve on it. You could have an incredible blog but if you are constantly telling yourself someone else is better you will always find flaws with it and will be very unhappy.

Realize you’re not perfect– Noone is perfect so stop trying to be! All blog posts can be improved it some way and it is nearly impossible to make them all perfect.  It can get really exhausting to try to make every blog post perfect because at the end of the day you will realize you can always make them better. Focus on making each blog post better than the last and stop being so concerned with what your peers are doing!

Stop talking to negative people– There is a large blogging community that is very supportive of each other and want nothing more than to help you grow your blog! There is also part of the blogging community who does not have your best interest at heart and when they see you are succeeding and they are not they will say anything they can to discourage you. These people do not matter to your blog and if someone is making you feel bad about yourself then stop talking to them and if you have to block them!

Be happy for other’s achievements– Sometimes when a fellow blogger reaches a milestone we may get envious of their success and wish it was us reaching that milestone! The blogging community is an amazing community and we are all here to help each other out so instead of wishing you had something you don’t ask incredibly successful bloggers how they built their business so you can improve your blog! Wishing you have something you don’t will not improve your blog or make it better but for that to happen you have to make a change and pro bloggers may be able to help you with that.  If it were you reaching a milestone wouldn’t you want your peers to be happy for you? If you are not happy for them when they reach a milestone why should they be happy for you when you reach one?

You’ll fail to see how far you’ve come- When was the last time you read your very first blog post? Did it make you want to cringe? The more you write the better you will get and for many of us bloggers when we go back and read our very first blog post it makes us cringe because of all the progress we have made. But if you are too busy comparing yourself to other bloggers and criticizing your own work you will fail to see that progress because you would have convinced yourself that somebody else is better. All blog posts can be improved but if you cannot be proud of what you create you are preventing yourself from doing great things!

Comparing yourself to other bloggers is a dangerous game to play because it will almost always make you feel discouraged! Your blog is your own and no one can take that away from you so, focus on improving your own blog and stop looking at what others are doing and telling yourself how their blogs are so much better! Yes, there may be some bloggers that may be better writers but as long as you are consistently trying to improve then you will continue to get growth for your blog! If you have any questions on how comparing yourself to others can be dangerous and affect blog growth please leave them in the comments below.

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