If you have been working really hard towards a goal for an extended period of time it can be really frustrating if you are not getting results from that goal. Whether you are trying to build a business or improve your fitness level it is really discouraging when you are working hard towards a goal and are not seeing results. Your peers may have the same goals as you and maybe getting fabulous results but for some reason, you are not having the same luck as them. Everyone gets results at different paces and although some people may get results faster than others here are few things that may be causing you to not achieve your goals.

Do you want to change?- The very first thing you need to ask yourself when you are trying to achieve a goal is do you really want to change or are you just looking for the easy way out? I have gotten some emails from some people who are looking to start a blog asking me if there is a way to build a successful blog without putting in the work to do it. No! The most successful bloggers dedicate several hours a week to there blogs so although you can grow them without dedicating that much time to them it will grow at a much slower pace. If you aren’t willing to make changes to your lifestyle and put in the work to achieve your goals you probably don’t want it that bad because if you were serious about crushing your goals you would do whatever it takes to achieve your goals and stop making excuses.

Asking the wrong people for advice– When you are trying to achieve a goal and are not being very successful at getting to that goal sometimes you may become desperate for advice and may ask your peers for tips on how to get to your goals. Getting advice from your peers is a great idea but if your peers have not personally set your specific goal or have knowledge on how to achieve it they may not give you very helpful advice. If you are serious about crushing your goals be very picky about who you ask for advice and seek out people who have been on your journey because they will be more helpful at giving you tips than ones that have never been on your journey.

Not taking good advice- Don’t let your pride get in the way of taking great advice from your peers! Once you have been given great advice from people who have been on your journey you need to implement the advice that was given to you into your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have of great advice if you never implement those tips you will never see those results.

Giving up too soon- When most people set a goal and they aren’t seeing results right away they get impatient so they quit. They assume that whatever it is they are doing isn’t working so they don’t want to waste there time working towards a goal they are probably never going to achieve. Goals take time to achieve and generally will not give you fantastic results within the first week or two. It takes ninety days to build a habit (sometimes longer) so before you give up on your goal give yourself that ninety days and if you are still unhappy then you can reevaluate your goal and come up with a new plan. Don’t give up because your goals got a little challenging the most satisfying feeling is when you are able to achieve that goal! You won’t get that feeling if you give up on it before you give yourself the chance to see that progress.

Believe in yourself– It is so easy to call ourselves a failure and bring ourselves down but when you are reaching towards a goal and truly want to get there you have to believe in yourself! If you don’t believe in yourself then no one else will and you will never reach your goals. Stop the negative self-talk, stay focused, and believe that it is possible.

Some goals such as building a successful blog can take years and others may only take a couple months but giving up will not speed up that progress. Your goals may have a lot of, potential but if you don’t follow through with them you will never truly know what you are capable of. Your mind often times will play tricks on you so you may think you are incapable of something but you are capable of more than you think you are. Stay positive and believe in yourself! If you have any questions about why you aren’t achieving your goals please leave them in the comments below.