How Do I Stay Committed To My New Year’s Resolutions?

Happy New Year! Every year millions of people make New Year’s resolutions hoping to make a positive change but unfortunately, only about forty-six percent of these New Years Resolutions will actually be successful and over half of the people who set them will fail and go back to their old habits by February. Sticking to your goals and achieving them can be very rewarding if you choose a goal that can be reached and is appropriate for your needs. The reality of it is that most people don’t do that but instead have very unrealistic expectations for what they want to achieve during the year so when things get tough they quit.  Here are a few reasons why people don’t stick to their New Years’ resolutions and how you can prevent that from happening this year.

Set realistic goals- At the beginning of the year a lot of people have incredible goals but to be totally honest most of these goals are unattainable and unrealistic and setting you up for failure! For example, if your goal is to lose weight and exercise more committing to going to the gym six days a week when you have never stepped foot in a gym not only can lead to overtraining because your body is not used to that much exercise but also takes the fun out of it and makes it difficult to want to make it a habit. Exercise can be fun but when you are only doing it to punish yourself for all the stuff you shouldn’t have eaten then you are taking the fun out of exercise and will most likely not stick to your goal. Instead of committing to six days a week, if your new to exercise start with two or three and go from there!

Don’t be a follower- All your friends may be making New Years Resolutions but that doesn’t mean you have to! I am a strong believer in setting goals for yourself but I am not a believer of New Years Resolutions so I don’t make them. Goals should be made year-round not just in January so if you don’t have a goal in mind for the year then don’t make one. I don’t like the pressure of others expecting me to make a new goal so unless I crushed my current goal I don’t make new ones. Don’t ever feel pressured to make new goals if you don’t feel ready!

Have a plan- How are you going to get to this goal? People that have an action on how they plan to achieve that goal are more successful at actually achieving it than ones that don’t! Goals aren’t met by hoping everything is going to work out or winging it but by careful planning and hard work. Be specific with your goals and write them down to keep yourself accountable!

Are you bored?- Does your goal bore you to tears? If your goal bores you then you have not chosen the right one. If you make a goal that you absolutely dread working towards then it may be time to choose a different goal because goals should excite you not bore you to tears!

Know you’re why – Whenever I get discouraged and want to quit blogging I remind myself why I started. There will be moments when you ask yourself “why did I do this again? Are you doing it for your kids? Do you want a new hobby? Whatever the reason is, make sure you write it down so next time you get discouraged and want to quit you are reminded of why you started. Most importantly do not quit because you messed up one day it happens to us all just acknowledge the mistake and try and do better the next day. There will be mishaps but your biggest regret will be quitting so do not quit!

Before you make any New Years Resolutions think about this am I doing it for the right reasons? Or am I doing it because the media tells me I should? If you’re doing it because the media tells you should then you probably won’t be successful and are better off waiting until you are ready! Goals help improve your overall well-being but should not be made just because someone told you to make them! Make goals appropriate for your needs and when you feel ready to make them! Goals are year-round and not just for January! If you have any questions about how to stay committed to your New Years Resolutions please leave them in the comments below.


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