I am always looking for new movies about disabled people but to be totally honest every time I watch one about a disabled person I am very disappointed. Filmmakers do not hire actual disabled people to play disabled characters but instead, they hire abled people to play them so that makes these movies very unrealistic and total garbage! Some people do not know any disabled people personally so they may watch a movie about a disabled person thinking they are getting an education about, a disability but unless the person is disabled themselves the movie is totally fictional and will not expand your knowledge on any disability because most abled people have very limited knowledge on disabilities. It hurts to see disability represented so wrongly on TV and to be honest, it can be addressed with these few simple changes.

Hire disabled actors- Talented disabled people do exist hire them!  Abled people don’t know what it’s like to live with a disability so when they play a disabled character sometimes they over-exaggerate how horrible our lives are and make it seem way worse than it actually is. When an abled person plays the part of a disabled character it may be a little challenging for them because they do not have the disability they are pretending to have so they have to interpret what they think it is like to have a disability and in most cases an abled person’s interpretations are wrong. If you hire a disabled actor it will be more authentic and educational because that person will be speaking from experience and not just reading a script!

Hire disabled writers- Every movie about a disabled person has pretty much the same plot either a disabled person is depressed or they are cured of their disability. Both plots are very unrealistic because although some disabled people may be depressed because of their disability the same goes for abled people and most disabilities have no cure. Why are we feeding the general public with fiction instead of teaching them what it’s actually like to live with a disability?

If you are abled you may think these are good plots but in reality, they are terrible plots and the only way to make them better is to hire disabled writers. An abled person is not going to understand what living with a disability is like because they haven’t experienced it personally so coming up with different plots may be difficult for an abled person to come up with if not impossible. Why not let a disabled person help?

Do proper research- If hiring a disabled person is not an option then the least you can do to create a decent movie is proper research( if you can hire an abled person then there should be no reason you can’t hire a disabled person) and the only way you can do that is to talk to another disabled person! Talented disabled people run businesses, Youtube channels, and blogs and would be honored to be in your movie and all it would take to discover these talented people is a simple google search.

Stop making feel-good movies- Disabled people are not these inspirational characters just because we are able to get out of bed in the morning. Stop making feel-good movies as if we are because we’re not but our lives aren’t much different from yours. Instead of filling people’s heads with pure fiction and telling them we are this huge inspiration teach, them what it’s like to be disabled because it may not be as scary as you think! Being disabled does not make you an inspiring person you actually have to do something incredible to earn that title.

Most people will not even consider hiring a disabled person because they think that we aren’t talented or are incapable of doing the job but disabled people are in fact more qualified to play a disabled character than any abled person will be. Abled people are not qualified to play the part of a disabled character and should never be cast for such a role. They do not know what they are doing because they don’t have a disability but disabled people do so please make an effort to hire them because it will make your movie not only better but educational.

Many people in the general public don’t know any disabled people personally and the only time they learn anything about disabilities is when they watch movies so why not make them more realistic to help them actually learn something instead of filling their brains with pure fiction.  If you have any questions about how filmmakers can make movies with disabled characters better please leave them in the comments below.