Gift Ideas For Bloggers

Do you have a blogger friend for Christmas? Are you stumped by what to get them?  Most bloggers live and breathe their blogs so gifts that help bloggers grow them are the most helpful and appreciated. Bloggers have access to a lot of free resources but unfortunately, unless we invest in our blogs it will be very difficult to grow. Everyone wants to grow there blog but if you are unemployed or are struggling financially then investing in your blog may not be an option. Want to help a blogger grow and get them something they would actually want and use? Here are a few gift ideas that almost every blogger would be excited about!

Hosting- If you are taking blogging seriously you can probably agree that running a blog is expensive! Unless a blogger has the. WordPress in the URL then they pay for their website and let me tell you it’s not cheap! It may sound like a boring gift but most brands will not contact bloggers who do not have their own domain name so going self-hosted is completely necessary to grow your blog. Gifting a blogger a year of self-hosting may sound like a boring gift but many bloggers struggle financially so gifting them a year of self-hosting is something they will use and be very appreciative of.

Camera- People that have catchy photos for their blogs get more views than ones that don’t! Why not buy your blogger friends a nice camera if you can afford it? A cell phone does not take the same quality pictures as a nice camera does. Quality content is important but if you don’t have catchy images then people may never click on your blog so make sure you make those image pop!

Books- If you don’t find me writing a blog post you will find me reading one! I am always looking for ways that I can improve my skills, productivity and make my blog better. This coming year I hope to add a couple of book reviews to not only expand my knowledge on different topics but also to spice things up a bit. Book reviews are really helpful in getting growth for your blog while also learning some things in the process! Books are always the perfect gift!

Journal- Writer’s block is real and in order for us to avoid writer’s block bloggers have to be constantly coming up with new ideas! You can’t run a successful blog by winging it because eventually, you will run out of ideas. Journals and planners can be really helpful in helping a blogger stay organized and keep track of planned blog posts.

Coffee/tea- Bloggers sometimes work on their posts about the same about of time that you are at your full-time job. Blogging is hard work and some bloggers cannot work without that extra caffeine boost from their favorite tea or coffee. If you so happen to know your favorite bloggers’ favorite brand of coffee or tea then gifting it to them would be the perfect gift!

Grammar software- If you so happen to notice a grammatical error in a blogger’s posts then, by all means, tell us but please be nice about it! One of my biggest pet peeves is when bloggers criticize other blogger’s posts because of a small grammatical error. English is not everyone’s strong suit and criticizing a post because of a small grammatical error is hurtful and not helpful. If you want to help a blogger make their blog better getting them some grammar software can be a huge help in improving the quality of their blog posts.

Earbuds-  If it is really difficult to focus on blog posts because of outside noise then getting a pair of earbuds may help decrease the noise level and improve your focus.

This is just a general list of things that most bloggers would probably appreciate and not things I need personally. Some of the things in this list I actually don’t need so before you go out and buy any of these things for your blogger friend make sure they need them because you don’t want to spend a bunch of money on something like hosting if they don’t really need it! Every blogger has different needs but the gift that helps a blogger expand their business are gifts that they appreciate the most! If you have any questions about gift ideas for bloggers please leave them in the comments below.

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