Staying warm can be a struggle this time of year especially if you are physically disabled. Most people are frantically going through everything in their closet to try to find something to stay warm but for most physically disabled people the choices they may have may be significantly less than if you were abled. Some pieces of clothing are not designed for a disabled person and are actually very difficult to slip on and off and most people with physical disabilities do not want to bother with it for that reason. How do I stay warm during the winter months?

Blankets/ fuzzy slippers, boots- Coats and jackets serve a great purpose but if you have a disability like Muscular Dystrophy and are completely dependent on somebody else they may not be the best option for you. Unless you are planning to keep that jacket on all day(in most cases you probably aren’t) then it will be a process to take that jacket off and sometimes you may not be in a situation where you can take it off. Bundle up with lots of blankets, fuzzy slippers, and boots to help you stay warm!

Move to a warmer climate!- Some disabled people move up north for better medical care because they struggle with finding the right doctor that understands their condition. When it comes to medical care an abled person has more options because they can go to whoever they want and get treated but a disabled person may not have that luxury. If a disabled person wants a successful treatment they cannot go to whoever they so please but have to find someone who specializes in their disability and sometimes that can be hard to find. Living up north can have its benefits if you need better medical care but it can also have its downfalls if you are physically disabled. Some wheelchair users may struggle with living in areas with frigid climates because they can’t move around as easily so they may be stuck inside most of the winter and that may make you unhappy and depressed. You deserve to be happy and if living in frigid climates is making you unhappy and not allowing you to reach your full potential then it may be time to consider moving to a warmer climate.

Portable heater- If you have a job you can probably agree that some offices really crank up the air-conditioning! If you can bring a portable heater to your desk to help you stay warm during business hours.

Drink warm drinks– Coffee or tea what is your favorite drink? Everyone has a favorite hot drink and alongside with it tasting good, it can also help with warming your body up if you are cold!

Dresses/Skirt- Long pants were just not made for a person with a physical disability they are too difficult to slip on and off and most people with physical disabilities just do not want to mess with it. Long skirts and dresses are less of a hassle because they are easier to slip on and off if you need to change quickly. Long dresses and skirts are usually the easiest option for people with physical disabilities but depending on what disability you have and if you are completely dependent on somebody else to help you get dressed this may not be the best option.

Safety is of utmost importance during the winter months because if you don’t dress appropriately according to the weather you can get some serious sickness that you could have prevented! Always make sure you check the weather before you leave your house and dress accordingly so you can try to prevent any sicknesses that maybe would have gotten if you didn’t dress appropriately. How do you dress to keep warm during this winter?