*This is a sponsored post that I received a small compensation for. I am sharing this with you because I felt this could benefit you in some way. 

As we approach winter some of us are still able to do outdoor activities to stay fit but for those of us who live up north that may not always be an option( unless you consider shoveling snow a form of exercise). Since it’s so cold outside often times we forgo our exercise routines because all we want to do is sit by the fire, drink hot cocoa and watch Netflix. Although skipping a few exercise routines is no big deal not doing it all because it’s cold outside can cause some serious health concerns! I totally get it its cold out and you would much rather be doing an outdoor activity than an indoor one so the last thing you ever would even consider doing is a vigorous indoor exercise routine.  Regardless of the season, you need  one hundred and fifty minutes of aerobic exercise a week, or seventy-five minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise a week.  Even though you live up north and may not be able to get out as much during the wintertime that does not mean you get a pass because this applies year-round! During the holidays, we tend to go to a lot of parties and in some cases eat more than we probably should so that is why it’s so important to find and stick to an exercise routine during the holidays. What kind of exercise can you do that is both outdoor and indoor that is a little bit bearable? Why not try cycling!


Unless you are a fitness guru and love to exercise a doing a bunch of sit-ups and crunches will be pure torture. If you don’t love exercise chances are you won’t be motivated to continue to do it again so why not find an activity you’ll enjoy after all you will be doing it every day. If the weather permits cycling outdoors can be a great way to help you get from point A to B while also giving you a great workout. Cycling to your destination is always faster because it warms your body up and won’t shivering at the bus stop!  It is both functional and practical! Just make sure to wear appropriate protective items (such as a helmet), visibility clothing (such as high vis jacket), and that you follow the rules of the road. This will help to keep you safe and can reduce your chances of being involved in an accident. You can see Emroch & Kilduff for more on this.


You can bundle up when cycling, therefore, making it either an indoor or an outdoor sport if you choose. Not all forms of exercise are safe to do in freezing cold weather but with cycling, you are able to bundle up making to safer to do than most other sports like jogging or running.

Social Aspects

There is a huge cycling community no matter where you go you just have to find it! People get so hooked on this form of exercise that there is now a large social aspect incorporated into this form of exercise. You can meet up with others and slowly improve upon your fitness as you join people for longer and longer rides in your spare time. Who knows, you might even get into the competitive side of things!

Regardless of the time of year, you can always do cycling because there is both indoor and outdoor cycling so there are no excuses! Whether you are stuck inside or just have gotten lazy with your exercise routines find an exercise you love and start doing it because you were made to move! Never use the weather as an excuse not to stay active do different activities during the winter months because physical activity is just as important no matter what the season is.