Six Things You Should Never Say To A Blogger

When most people visit a blog unless they are bloggers themselves they will never truly understand the amount of work it takes to build a successful blog. For that reason, bloggers work often times are underappreciated because most people think we whip blog posts up in five minutes. It is our job to make blogging look easy and although it may look like we whipped these posts up in five minutes I assure you we did not and it probably took way longer than it appears. Saying comments like blogging is not that hard can come off as rude or insensitive and can really hurt someone’s feelings. Want to show a blogger you appreciate what they do? If you aren’t a blogger sometimes it can be difficult to know what bloggers are going to take as a personal attack so today I am going talk about a few things that are not okay to tell bloggers. 

You’ll never make money– A very small percentage of bloggers make full-time incomes off their blogs so although it is rare for a blogger to make a full-time income off their blog some people are able to make that happen. I did not make even a small income off my blog until I had been blogging a year and although this may not be that case for everyone (some people may not be able to make any income) you should never discourage a blogger from working towards their goals regardless of whether or not you think they are achievable or not!  Most bloggers put a lot into their blogs so they try really hard to make full-time incomes so when they are unsuccessful at doing this some bloggers get really offended when other people tell them they will never make money because it comes off as if you think they are incapable or not good enough.

Trying to relate- If you don’t have a blog you can’t relate to what amount of work it takes to run one. Guest posting or working for somebody else is not the same as running your own blog because you don’t have nearly as many responsibilities as you would if you owned a blog. If you have any real experience with blogging please share but please don’t tell me about your one-time guest posting experience! Bloggers just want your support they don’t need you to be able to relate to what it’s like to run a blog because most bloggers realize a majority of their viewers will not be able to. If you don’t own a blog or have never written a post for a blogger you most likely have zero knowledge about blogging so please don’t try to sound like a blogging expert because you’re not but instead choose a different topic we both can relate to.

Blogging is easy- I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this and it’s one of my biggest blogging pet peeves especially when non-bloggers say it. How do you know how easy or hard something is if you haven’t tried it? You don’t! Even though someone makes something look easy that doesn’t mean it is and should never make a blogger feel underappreciated because they make it look easy because it isn’t. Yes, blogging may be easier than some careers such as engineering but that does not mean blogging is easy and until you have a blog and know how easy or hard it is then it’s not your place to be saying comments like that.

I don’t read your posts – My posts aren’t going to cater to everyone and that’s okay I don’t try to cater to everyone because it’s nearly impossible to do so. When you come across a blog that you don’t like never feel the need to tell the owner of that website you don’t like or read their posts because not only is it not helpful but it’s strictly unnecessary and can hurt someone’s feelings.

Giving advice without experience- The only people qualified to give advice on how to run a blog is other bloggers! Never give a fellow blogger advice on how to run their blog unless you are a blogger yourself because most likely they will either not take your advice at all or take it as a grain of salt. Viewers that don’t run blogs don’t know or understand how blogs are run and although it seems like it’s all fun and games there are a lot of lot laws we have to abide by that most people in the outside world may not be aware of. Bloggers, if you have questions about how to run your blog go to a fellow blogger they will be way more helpful at answering your questions than any of your viewers who don’t blog will be. Most viewers who do not own a blog and have never blogged before do not know what it takes to run one so asking them a blogging question will not help you solve your problem because nine times out of ten these people do not know what they are talking about.

Anyone can do it- Yes your right anyone can create a blog it’s not rocket science but not anyone can create a successful blog! Creating a successful blog that gets noticed takes a little more skill, creativity, and an excellent business strategy! Bloggers that don’t treat their blogs like a business will most likely never get full-time incomes and even if they do treat them like a business making a full-time income off your blog is not always guaranteed!

A blog should be run like a business so unless you are a blogger, have knowledge in business, or can provide helpful information on how we can make our blogs better then do not tell us how we should or shouldn’t be running our blogs because it’s not your place! There are so many other things you can relate to but running and maintaining a blog if you do not have one is not one of those things. Guest posting is not the same as running a blog because the blogger who runs that website does all the hard work that no one wants to do! Bloggers, what things have people said to you that they shouldn’t have?

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