Are My Fashion Choices Embarrassing?

If I was wearing the ugliest outfit on the planet and refused to change would you still hang out with me? I recently saw a tweet on how Kim Kardashian was embarrassed by her sister’s fashion choices that she was embarrassed to be seen in public with her. I don’t follow the Kardashian’s so I don’t know how true this is but this is ridiculous! I love all my sisters to the moon and back( even if it may not seem like it sometimes) and I would never tell them I couldn’t hang out because I thought their outfit was ugly and I felt embarrassed! Everyone has different tastes and styles and sometimes you may not like someone else’s style and that is okay you don’t hang out with them for their fashion choices but for experiences. Judging someone based on their fashion choices can be extremely hurtful and here’s why.

Everyone has different tastes and styles- All of my sisters have different tastes and styles and some of the styles they choose to wear I personally would never choose for myself and that is okay we all have different tastes and styles there is nothing wrong with that! I don’t know how my sisters feel about my fashion choices but I am sure that some things I wear they would never dream of wearing but that is the beauty of fashion everyone is different! Some styles you are not going to like but that does not mean there is anything wrong with that style or you can’t hang out with people wearing it. Everyone is different so even though you may think a certain style is ugly your friends may think is beautiful!

You can hurt someone’s feelings- If my sister’s ever told me that what I wore was embarrassing and they couldn’t ever be seen in public with me I would be deeply hurt. Every fight or argument I have had with my sisters I usually forgive them for pretty quickly because I hate it when people are mad at me but if they did that I would have a hard time getting over it and it would probably take more than an I’m sorry” for me to get past it.

Building relationships- Why do you hang out with your friends, coworkers, or siblings? Most likely it’s not because of their fashion choices but to build relationships. If you do hang out with somebody strictly because of there fashion choices then you are missing the point the relationship you have with somebody is far more important than any outfit you will wear!  I don’t know why my sisters hang out with me but I am pretty sure it’s not because of my social skills or my fashion choices. Make memories not fashion statements!

Don’t be a follower- Trends go in and out all the time so it’s nearly impossible to keep up with them all! Are you one of those that look at somebody and judge them because they aren’t wearing the latest trend! Stop it! Would if they didn’t like the latest trend? Why should they wear it just because that is what is in right now?  There will just be a new trend in a couple of months so why do you need to keep changing your wardrobe because there is a new trend? Just be you!

I don’t know if there is more to the Kardashian story since I do not follow them so I am certainly not judging without knowing the whole story! Judging others by the way they dress is a common problem most people have faced at some point and it has to stop! It’s unfair to judge someone based on how they look on the outside because when it comes down to it all that really matters is how someone looks on the inside! Have a conversation and then make that decision on whether or not you want to pursue that relationship don’t make accusations before even meeting someone!


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