*This is a sponsored post that I received a small compensation for. I am sharing this with you because I felt it would benefit you in some way. *

Are you frustrated in your current job and feel like you have more talent than your job is allowing you to show? Have you been looking for work but everything you have come across has either been unsuccessful or have been dealing with unfair criticism. If this sounds like you then it may be time to look into starting a business! If a business is not providing a disabled person with the necessary tools to shine it will make it difficult for you to accelerate at your job! When you are your own boss you are able to overcome some of these obstacles setting the company culture, mission and values to your standards! You can build a business around your capabilities allowing yourself to reach your full potential! 

The vision

There are many challenges people who are disabled have to face while working a job! Becoming an entrepreneur allows you to overcome some of the challenges you may have faced while you were working. Getting to choose the way your business is run and working for yourself addresses any problems you may have had while working a job! You are in complete control of what policies you set, what hours you work and who you hire!  When you are an employee of a company you are not in control of any of these things what is holding you back? 

Creating your brand

In today’s day and age because of the internet, that means there is a lot more competition! Your brand is what makes you unique and what makes people want to buy your product. Invest in brand development to ensure you get it right! It is so easy to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others but it is so important not to but instead focus on creating a brand that you are happy with and want to share with others! Your brand is what represents your business so, create something that you are proud of and stop basing all your business decisions on what your competitors are you doing! Just be you create something that excites you, after all, you will be living and breathing that brand! If you are struggling with starting your business writing a business plan may help with things like staying organized and finances! 

Expenses, so many expenses

Although starting a business online reduces some costs running a business can be expensive regardless of whether it is online or in-person! There may be start-up funding available through local councils in some areas and occasional grants available if your business is in a priority sector. You can also check out business loan interest rates if you are struggling financially. If you are disabled you may be thinking that entrepreneurship is not a possibility because of all the challenges you face. Disabled Entrepreneurs  are becoming more common these days because of the flexibility you have while being an entrepreneur so never let your disability stop you from achieving your dreams! 

Starting a business has always been a dream of mine but to get there is will not be easy! Building a business whether it’s online or in-person takes a lot of hard work and dedication but for those of you who are reaching towards that goal just don’t give up I believe you can make it happen!