There are millions of people who suffer from depression. Some people are able to get the help they need by attending therapy or taking medication but unfortunately, not everyone can afford these treatments. It is not uncommon for a disabled person to suffer from depression but in some cases, therapy is not an option because of financial reasons. Overcoming depression can be difficult if therapy is not an option so if you are struggling here are a few tips that may help!

Take note of your feelings- Do you bottle up your feelings and just hope these feeling will just one day disappear? Bottling up your feeling is only going to make the situation worse so instead take note of these feelings and write them down. Don’t get me wrong I love blogging but it’s public and anyone can read it! When you blog you have to make sure you are carefully editing all your grammatical errors, responding to all comments and keeping up with all your social media channels and sometimes that can get a little stressful! When you are journaling none of that is of any concern because you are writing for you no one else is reading it and you can write whatever you want!

Get a pet- I personally don’t have a pet so I don’t know how pets help depression or anxiety except what I find I google. But my friend Karly has two cats and she says it’s really relaxing to cuddle with a sleepy pet. It also helps to have an animal to take care of because it gives you a reason to get up and be kind to something.

Blog- Blogging gives you the ability to share your story. When you are depressed a lot of the time you feel alone but trust me you are not alone! There are so many others that are also suffering from depression so don’t be afraid to share your story you never know who is reading your posts or who you will inspire. Your story is unique and no one can take that away from you so tell it to the world!

Meditation-  Studies have shown that people who meditate have less depression and anxiety! How does this work? The goal of meditation is not to push aside stress or block out negative thinking but notice these thoughts and feelings. If you are unable to exercise and are depressed why not try meditation! What do you have to lose?

Exercise- Meditation is not for me personally so that is why I choose to exercise when I am depressed. People who exercise have less anxiety and depression and are more confident about themselves than those who don’t so if you can get moving! For some disabled people, exercising may not be an option so that is why I recommend trying meditation!

Call a friend- Your BFF may not be a therapist and may not be able to give you expert advice like a therapist can but what they can do is listen and comfort you.  You never know if one of your friends or family members are going through the exact same thing and may be able to give you some advice that helps you overcome your depression or anxiety!

Therapy is not always an option but committing suicide is not the answer! Therapy has lots of benefits so if it’s an option don’t be afraid to get help if you think you need it no one is judging you! If therapy is not an option learn different coping strategies that can help make each day a little bit brighter everyone is different find what works best for you! I am not a mental health professional but these are a few things that have worked for me personally and I am hoping they will work for you. Keep fighting and most importantly: